Jun 26, 2010

DJ is out taking advantage of the cooler, overcast morning. He had started taking branches off the cedar tree periodically a week or so ago---cutting and dragging off branches to the burn pile between other outside tasks. Why cut it down? Taking over the driveway mostly plus it is deader than a doornail inside the bush. Mosquitoes, bite-y insects and birds haven't enjoyed his presence much. Well, the mosquitoes might if they thought he was supper, LOL. The birds? Not so much.

Imagine my surprise to see what it looks like now! All that stuff on the ground, he lopped off this morning in about 30 minutes. The stump will wait till the chain saw is done at the repair shop but we are getting closer.

Goodbye cedar tree! Now how about those awful over grown holly bushes in front when you get a chance? One in particular and I'll stop nagging about it. Promise!

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