Jun 16, 2010

WIP Weds, wk. 24

Well, it is getting closer to a top anyway, LOL. I left off last night with the center joining seam to do and adding two corner triangles on the upper right and lower left.

Because I decided to go with 6 plain block squares for my version of Bridge Creek Blossoms, that gave me a jump start for a 2nd donation quilt. I ended up taking two blocks apart as the directions the stripes were NOT going was setting my teeth on edge (3rd row, block on the right) and then making 6 more blocks so each block is a little different in all 12.

I got my walking in this morning but it was a contest of wills to get it done. I really do not feel well today, to be honest. A combination of things is making me just want to crawl back in the bed----and I may just do that. Sewing may wait as I do not feel like attaching borders at the moment. LOL, I am never nuts about putting on borders to begin with let alone when I feel puny. I do want this top moved along if for no other reason than to quit talking about it but my body is letting my mind down. See how I feel this afternoon...............


  1. the bcb is looking good and a wonderful donation quilt pattern!

    hope you are feeling better :)

    the rain here has kept me from walking :( and I am only up to 1 mile but Miss Daisy makes tons of stops along the way :)

  2. Hope you are feeling better this afternoon. The quilt is looking great.

  3. What a very pretty top! Borders are not my favorite thing to do either...hope you are feeling more rested later, and more perky!

  4. This one looks like fun! I like the way it is coming together. Is it hot over there too?


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