Jul 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, USA

(quilt pattern from Little Quilts---made back in early 2000's. The other, a Debbie Mumm pattern though I didn't put it up this year as access to the closet it is in is sorta blocked at the moment)

It will be quiet here though I do intend to grill a couple of steaks---definitely a treat for us! I'll do some typical picnic type fare to go with it: corn on the cob, watermelon, lemonade.

The fireworks I can normally see over the tree tops by looking out the back bedroom window won't be happening as it was not in the city's budget this year. The other two towns in the county may have already done their town celebration, not sure about that though. We wouldn't be driving up there (or down there) to see them anyway. Of course the neighborhood version of fireworks started two days ago. Mostly likely it will end in a few more---when they run out of ammunition, LOL.

And so it goes around here---doing a little embroidery but no sewing but finding ways to keep busy.

Hope you are all having a wonderful and safe holiday weekend in whatever you chose to do.


  1. Happy July 4th! I love the flag quilts! It sounds like the menu is definitely in keeping with traditional Independence Day menus. I had heard on the news that several municipalities did not include fireworks in their budgets this year--both north and south of the border--all a fallout of the bad economy I suppose.

  2. Love your flag quilts/wall hangings. I started one a few years ago but didn't like the way it was looking, so it sits unfinished... must do that. Hope you had a great holiday!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful holiday! I really enjoy seeing all the patriotic quilts this time of year, and yours are just wonderful.


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