Jul 31, 2010

finished to flimsy

Well, I got it this far anyway. Bridgecreek Blossom, pattern by Terry Atkinson. Approximately 54 x 70

I originally made 24 blocks so I have enough for a 2nd quilt but no more than scraps left of the jigsaw fabric or the blue inner border since I am using it for binding as well. The jigsaw print is directional so when I prepped them months back I was fussy cutting it to try to match it up the best I could. That made for a lot of bits and pieces for the scrap basket. LOL, with all that color the seams are pretty well hidden but I didn't want the horizontal lines jumping all over the place. I'll find something else to use when I am ready to finish up the 2nd one.

I am never crazy to be working on borders but this time it was good to be back at the machine a bit. Not saying that the sewing slump is over but I am thinking about pulling out the triple rail donation top I had started and get some more of it done this weekend. Skyler has been known to get up on the sewing machine table the last two days to cuddle a bit while I was TRYING to sew. I love the cuddles but forget about sewing with his "help" and attention. If he is not laying on it, then he is trying to burrow under it like he does the bed sheets, LOL.

This being the end of the month I totalled up my walking mileage for July ---180 miles! I have been at it since March slowly increasing my laps and normally going 6 out of 7 days when possible. In the last three months I have walked 488 miles, in circles, around the park trail. I had hoped to bump up one more lap but have had to back off of that a bit as I may have strained a hamstring a bit. My back of my left thigh and hip were trying to tell me something and I decided I better listen! I'll try to shave a bit of the time off instead for the time being. I can walk the 2.25 miles in 42-44 minutes now. The other modification to my plan: walk 4 days and then off a day to rest.

They spread some new pea gravel in the washed out spots in the park which I appreciate. Don't want to fall or twist an ankle! Since they do all this in a vehicle there are some areas where you feel like you are walking on the beach in sand and other little heaps and ridges that needed smoothing out or again, you might twist an ankle. When DJ asked me how things went, I told him about it so we went back in later with a couple of rakes. The park maintenance crew was there weed whacking by that time. We both are acquainted with the head guy so we offered to tend to what I thought were problem spots. Of course, if we get some significant rainfall it will shift again and/or flatten out just the way I like it, LOL.

Other than that, we are just trying to keep cool. High 90's are predicted for the next week at least and the weather people are saying August is the "worst month" UGH! I suppose all this heat before was just practicing up. Summer, what do you expect?

And so it goes--------


  1. What a lovely quilt. You are so ambitious. Great work on the walking. I have been trying to walk three times a week or more but finding it hard as my hip and back complain.

  2. Way to go on the finished flimsy!!! I love the look of those bright fabrics in this pattern.

    The walking miles sure add up fast, don't they? I never thought of how much distance a little each day can add up to. I am sure the park maintenance folks appreciate the assistance with the grooming of the trail by someone who is on there as regularly as you are.

    Stay cool!


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