Jul 21, 2010

WIP wk #29

Mostly I had been working on the embroidery on the July themed block on the left. I managed to get it finished up and trimmed down both blocks you see and bordered them.

Today I hope to get them spray basted providing I have the batting I need and enough 505 spray for the project(s). I pulled some fabric from my stash to use up for backing. The machine is switched out and set up to do what little bit of machine quilting they will get. Hopefully I can get to the hand work that remains on them this evening. The binding is already cut though I need to press this the last batch of it. You can spot it atop the container below, LOL.

As I was putting away the fabric that I bought last week at Qwiltz I found a few more pieces that might possibly go with the purse I want to make. Decisions, decisions! I think I am clear on just how the thing goes together though I want to add some internal pockets to the scheme. I may still go back to my original idea of making a practice one first though. Can't ever have too many purses, I don't think.

The directions call for using batting, fleece, timtex (is that the right name for that heavy interfacing stuff). If I don't have batting for the quilts or for this project, I'll have pick something else to work on. Actually I SHOULD be working on the reward system anyway---finish up the Bridge Creek Blossom donation quilt last seen in half and borderless HERE. Get that moved along and then I can play with the purse.

Quiet around here as we go about our regular routines--staying to stay cool though we are in for high heat indexes all week. No real rain in sight either or what little bit that did come this morning after my walk made it feel like a sauna outside. UGH---summer is definitely not my fav time of year down here but it wasn't always so terrific in IL either, LOL. Whatcha goin' to do?

I put some soup in the crockpot for supper which I suppose is a little goofy when it is so warm out. I'm re-purposing some ground meat and cabbage from the freezer and a Shoney style soup is what came to mind. We do eat soup year round and you can't just have sandwiches, salads or grill in this kind of weather. By supper time it will be pretty nice in here as the a/c will be on and the climate controlled.

And so it goes.............


  1. It sounds like you are enjoying sunny days down your way--just like here.....although I think your temperatures are a whole lot warmer than here!

    No, you can never have too many purses! LOL Interesting that the pattern calls for Timtex. That stuff is stiff! I am thinking that they are using it in the bottom to give the purse some firmness?

    Progress on the little quilted wall hangings is great! At this rate I will never catch up to you on those projects!

  2. Staying cool is the goal here too! Looks like you are making some fun progress...


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