Jul 9, 2010

A little somethin' (edited)

A little production today---

I decided to make that little bag to hold my cell phone and ID for the walking trail but the little purplish thing you see was the 2nd attempt at it.

I tried a Handy Bag first but even though I cut the initial squares 4 inches smaller, the bag still was going to finish about 5.5 x 8. It proved to be not that much smaller than the tag along tote I had made last year (black bag with cats seen above). I had positioned the velcro for the inner pocket thing up too high, thinking I needed to adjust for the changes I had made. I got the idea of how it would work but didn't bother putting on the strap and un-sewed it to salvage the fabric.

I went back to my original idea of a slightly longer, one less pocket wonder wallet using the cell phone carrier I had purchased recently for the pocket dimensions. Woohoo! I am set for the trail tomorrow. I can still store my other walking paraphernalia along with this little bag in the larger one and unpack when I ready to head out but travel light when I get there. I have a system, LOL.

One novel suggestion from the quilt shop that sold me the "prototype" of my first cell phone carrier bag: she said someone she knew that worked at a long term care facility loved these little bags for when the client went down to the beauty shop. They would slip the client's glasses in the bag while they did their hair. That way the glasses stayed in a safe spot and would not get mixed up with another client's specs. Their frames are often very similar in style.

Having worked in a LTC facility from 73-74 and another stint from 91-97 I could see the merits of that idea. I remember the first time I tried to help pass meal trays in the combined floor dining room. I knew the clients from my own floor but not the other units so I asked "which patient is _________?" The reply was the white haired lady in the white sweater and glasses at whatever table, LOL. There were several that matched that description!! (I think about that about every time I put on MY white sweater. I'm half way ready for the home as the white hair is taking over the auburn too.) BUT that reply got me pointed at the basic direction, the right table and the person's arm band for verification.

Almost time to start supper preparations so will close and wish you a good weekend in whatever you have planned. Me? I'll be making some tomato sauce with the big bucket of tomatoes Lois sent home with me earlier in the week. After I walk, that is.

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  1. I am glad you were able to come up with a bag that works for your purpose. I never thought of just changing the dimensions of the Wonder Wallet! Great idea!


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