Jul 7, 2010


As has been my frequent statement lately, I am just not being very productive lately. It is hot, I don't feel like it, nothing is really tweaking my interest or desire enough to stitch. Do I give myself permission to put that quilt top that is hanging over my head aside and do "something fun"? Make myself sew? After all, I have plenty of stuff I could/should be doing. I have found that just leads to errors and unsewing. Go with the slump and find something else to do? That usually means playing in the kitchen, reading, playing too many hands of solitaire or mahjongg.

Yeah, I am working on some embroidery (June calendar block) but it should have been done long before now. See reasons above, LOL. In truth, I messed up and had to take the last tier of beehive off but I can get it up to trimming and borders today. Then trace off July's block would be my guess.

One thing I have been thinking about whipping up though is a cell phone carrier for the walking trail. I bought that green one seen in the photo at the Cullman quilt show. While I like the size of it, the straps are a little too short for my needs. They suggested hanging it from your neck but that just isn't comfortable for walking 2 plus miles. Also I want a button/loop on it so I can hang my lap counter AKA knitting row counter. The bag (Atkinson tagalong bag) that I currently use is just a little too bulky though it technically works. I think I can wing it using the dimensions of the existing piece as I don't believe I have a pattern in my stash that is similar. To me it is like a longer wonder wallet on long skinny strap. OHHHH---and as long as I am planning, it should be lime green or contain lime green since I already have the cording and button on hand to match. A little stash visiting is in order OR I can pick up some yardage next week when we take our field trip to Qwiltz in Carrollton, GA.

Since I don't have any of my own work to show you, how about a couple of the donation quilts recently turned in?
This scrappy string quilt is one that Linda S made and I quilted. We thought that the appliqued tropical circles added a little whimsy to the top. Linda said they were camouflage but it is still cute.

This scrappy one is one from Lois, our scrappy queen. Disappearing Nine Patch I think with a fun border and backing.

Beverly also turned in her lunch box fabric challenge quilt but I had already shown a picture of it as a top HERE Squares Within Squares is the block name.

Stay cool if you can. The NE seems to be in a grip of a horrid heat wave! Other than the temperature being in the 100's or high 90's, the news people's description wasn't too much different than what we go through on an average summer day here in the South. Low of 70? Welcome to my world, LOL. It is summer so heat and humidity come with the territory no matter where you live, I'm guessing.

Till next time---------


  1. bit by bit~it will get done!

    in summer~I don't have a lot accomplished. just too hot and *other* things to do :)

    keep cool!

  2. I've gotten much less strict with myself over the last year or so when I found that my quilting just seemed like work.

    Now within reason, I allow myself to work on what I want and I find that eventually it all gets done. I didn't do any quilting in June and just worked on piecing and binding between my trips but now I'm anxious to quilt so I am.

    Non quilting activities are good too!

  3. I think Lois is a quilter after my own heart. I lover her scrappy verion of the D9P!


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