Jul 7, 2011

goodbye, bad tree

Woohoo! The offending tree has been dealt with and the chances of it causing us any further cable, power, phone outages or damage to the mast is minimal. Probably just in time too. The tree cutter guy told me that one of the other limbs had a big crack in it. It was just a matter of time and a big enough wind. We would be out another 250 plus replacing the mast----or more.

It also turns out that this mess was actually TWO trees, not one and both volunteer trees. The remaining one leans towards their lines and the cut down one, ours. We can't say we are sorry to see it go.

The neighbor's step-dad removed the brush from the fallen limb over the weekend so the yard is cleared out. THX Michael!

And, the guys were also contracted to take this broken limb down while they were here on the 2nd tree. Easier for them when they had both the equipment, personnel and the truck/trailer to haul the brush away.

To read about what precipitated all this tree business, see THIS post.

A bit of sewing going on today so I'm getting back to it. Hope you are having a good day.

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  1. I bet you are thrilled to see that offending tree dealt with! Now you don't have to worry in a storm if that old tree will come down and cause you further damage and outages. It is surprising how much we rely on our cable/internet to communicate with the outside world. Cut us off from those things and we are truly isolated!


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