Jul 19, 2011

off on another tangent

I am off on another tangent that has absolutely nothing to do with quilting. The cooking magazines are piling up and I am downloading the recipes from the taste of home website to my cooking software. Then the mags can go off to the Friends of the Library. Based on what I got done yesterday, another day or so should take care of this particular publication. Meanwhile I am getting a few new ideas to work into the menu planning. That can't be a bad thing---other than the list is starting for a return trip to the store, LOL. Well, that is inevitable anyway.

Shown at left, Skyler is play mode. We had already played "where's the kitty?" in attempting to make the bed. He is not much help in the bed making department, trust me but it is part of our play. He got all enthralled with his sock ball and I just skipped the top quilt for now. Note his exit strategy from the room. Rather than just walk over to the blanket chest and down to the floor he would rather leap over to the quilt rack and then leap out into the hall. He was preparing to leap when I took the photo but not before he tagged me on the way out the door.

And here we have DJ's Cosmo patch. We got a free package of seeds in the mail and DJ decided to plant them just to see what would come up. Only problem was, it was starting to rain and the old red dirt soil is hard to dig so he was not too inclined to dig up what the packaging suggested. So he more or less, just dumped the whole pkg. in one spot and we now have a cosmo clump. Man, who knew these things would be so leggy?? I sure didn't expect them to be shooting past the window ledge but now they are approaching the top of the window. The whispy stems sort of remind me an asparagus plant.

So back to surf, copy/paste and import for me. And I still might fall back to an old standard for fixing that salmon tonight, LOL.

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