Jul 26, 2011

What a day!

A little fruit basket upset around here yesterday. Definitely no sewing was happening!

It being Monday, I had some errands to run. This time, it included a run over the church where we ordinarily meet to get our batting and other pinning supplies we will need for the meeting today at another location. (The fellowship hall has been in use for almost two months now for the ARC camps but we will go back in August.) Since another stop was at the office supply store, I picked up a new key board. WAHOO!! I'm a happy girl till the paint wears off anyway. (Why are they all black now???)

While I was gone, DJ had been on errands of his own! He had been saving up his change for a new HD tv. He has been watching the sales flyers for months now and spotted one he liked at a price he was willing to pay. That's it, above, settled in its new home, much much later in this narrative. "I need you to help me carry the box in from the car once we move my old one" he says. This was about 1030 in the morning and the excitement began!

The old set is big, bulky with that huge picture tube thing and heavy! The question was, would it even fit in the spot I needed to clear for it? Yes, but the curved front stuck out a wee bit. I can live with it. I would not be able to use the cheapo DVD player but I seldom used it in here anyway. We tried every which way from Sunday to hook things up. We moved it in and out of the spot at least 3 times and it was still not working. Did I mention just how big and heavy this thing is?? He was getting upset and ready to call in reinforcements. All that tangled up mess of wires and cords to deal with--what goes to what, "no that's backwards" and stuff that didn't want to screw in when threaded with a left hand.

I finally pulled out the Dish guide that came with the receivers to see what we were doing wrong. Finally I figured out that I no longer needed to use the RF modulator in the set up if I wasn't using any other add on's. One wire WAS reversed and plug in the 3 pronged wires from the receiver and it finally came on. Power button won't work on the dish remote and I am not sure that anything is controlling the volume at this point but the TV works. DJ said
"I would have given up long before you did." Fortunately that last idea took!

The question then became, what do I do with all that stuff that was in and around the set?? Cleaning and purging ensued. DJ has a combo DVD/VCR player but I still didn't need to keep a good many of the VCR tapes. I ditched the no longer wanted ones along with the storage case they were housed in and was able to clear a spot on the entertainment center for them. Old turntable set up was in that space above the drawer---out along with the speakers. Books moved down. CDS moved into a different spot. Cleaning ensued but it needed to be done anyway.

The box was hauled in but I pretty much told him that he was on his own for figuring out how to hook it up. I was not convinced that he still needed to have a RF modulator in the mix with a new TV but he did have the DISH DVR receiver to contend with along with his own DVD/VCR thing. I already had had my ONE good idea for the day, LOL. He read, he tried and then he finally ended up calling tech support. A pleasant, helpful young man in Puerto Rico got him up and running. Turned out he had it set up correctly but still needed some help with the process. Other than thinking we need to elevate the set up about 5 inches to help hide all those wires, he is happy.

So what to do with this stuff? I think the TV gets tossed. Power on button is sunk back in the set so who would want it? Turntable and speakers should go to the thrift store tomorrow, I'm thinking, when I have time and am not hauling extra quilting supplies around. That stuff cannot sit there forever but laundry shouldn't need to be done till Thursday.

I was still cleaning at about 730 last night. DJ said "aren't you ever going to give up?" Believe me, I was ready to but the bathroom needed some attention. My reasoning was that at least the a/c was running at that hour of the day, in theory anyway. I knew for a fact that come Tuesday morning, he wouldn't turn it on till it hit 81 or 82 in the house. (yeah, I know---nuts!)

So, move one thing and look what happens!!! I am ready for a fun day with my quilting buds. Maybe sew a bit---3-D bowties or that triple rail?? Either is part of the Belles scrappy challenge.

Hope you have a great day in whatever you chose to do. Thanks for stopping by--------

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