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I am very happy to report that I finished up my project #2 last night, taking the last stitches in the binding about 8:30 last evening.  Woohoo there!  Of course, I cannot wait to show you what I have to share with you but I will not have to wait too long.  Today I am moving on to a hexie idea I have, doing some minor laundry and just generally kicking back a little bit.  DJ wants a hair cut this afternoon and other than cooking dinner I am not feeling any pressure from deadlines.   Not for another 3 1/2 weeks anyway when the next items will be featured.

I do have some photos to take, however and I put out a call to the Belles to see about an outdoor location for this. Hopefully tomorrow will work out.   Of course today's indoor shot attempts were a little comical---and I think I may show you just why soon enough, LOL.  Skyler had me quite amused and laughing, let me tell you!

I thought I would post the entire schedule today---Carol our most excellent cheerleader did not announce any changes to it when she sent a reminder post so I assume it is all "a-go".  I will probably do daily schedules as well..  The hop runs from Wednesday, July 31st to Friday August 9th with time out for the weekend.   I see some familiar names but also some new ones, possibly past participants or first time hoppers!  Always a blast to see what everyone has come up with.  Who knows?  You may get some ideas for your holiday crafting too!

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