Jul 5, 2013

just playin'

I have one of those Nancy Martin perpetual calendars "365 Quilt Blocks a Year" atop my computer for years.  Some blocks I would never make --too complex or ugh, way too many pieces.  Some I might make if I eliminated some lines or changed the piecing method.  Still others elicit the response of  " I wonder what they might look like in a top if I do............."

The July 3 block was Independence Square---the traditional block  (Brackman #2049 attributed to Nancy Cabot in 1938) adds a sort of cornerstone deal in the outermost corners. Why I don't know as it is colored with the same piece of fabric.  Someone else besides me, thought to drop the cornerstones because Brackman #1621 does.  Colored the same, named the same but no cornerstone and dates to a Capper's Weekly publication in the 40's.   This is the version in the calendar actually since the first blocks in July are all patriotically colored like the US flag.

I didn't advance the calendar pages primarily because I wanted to see what this looks like block to block. However, I didn't follow up on it till this morning---just playin' on the computer quietly and not wanting to wake DJ.   BlockBase 2 software has the ability to do a "quick quilt".  You search for the block you want, right click to select that option and up pops a 4 x 4 version straight horizontal set.  You know if you want to take it any further, whether it needs some sashing or an alternating block.  In order to start playing with that further, I have BlockBase linked to EQ.   Interesting but not being a John Deere tractor enthusiast, I am not necessarily crazy about this coloration.  LOL.  Notice that I DID color in the cornerstones though.  If you are doing to have a piece there, why not continue it out from the nine patch center?   Bet our quilting foremothers did it that way too.

I drew this in a 2 x 3 18 inch block set, 36 x 54 without borders----translation:  it would work for Wrap Them In Love  if bordered since the target is 40 x 60 or thereabouts.  Kids come in all sizes, after all.  I picked 18 inch because if you look at the block above, this has a 9 x 9 grid.  Sewing 1 inch finished pieces for all those parts, even if strip pieced, has little appeal to me.  The next size up would be 1.5 inch finished or a 13.5 inch finished block.  Better and maybe.  2 inch finished----yeah, 6 blocks = faster finish.  It has possibilities with the right fabric choices.

Then I was on to the  "I bet you can drop some of those lines where the pieces would join and make it in block components and rows instead of traditional blocks"  You have sashed and cornerstoned squares in the 4 corners.  Join two of them together and you have elongated rectangles around the quilt's periphery. There are triple rail sections, some evenly spaced and some not.  The nine patches are obvious.  That just leaves a large sashed and cornerstoned square, an enormous Puss in the Corner block or uneven nine patch.  I used EQ's custom set and the sections are 6 x 6 inches and 6 x 12 inches plus 12 inch Puss in the Corner.  Sections of this remind ME of how you make a Warm Wishes quilt anyway--great pro bono quilt that is far simpler than it looks!

Next since I would not want to do the John Deere tractor combo, I randomly re-colorized the final drawing.  Red, white and blue is sadly diminished in my stash after 4 or 5 QOV for the veteran's home, not likely do another anytime soon.   I kind of like this Easter Egg looking one.

Would I make this up as a quilt?  Maybe.  Strip pieced it would go together easily.   I may even have some of the fabric to make something like this---the purple for sure, the yellow probably.  Come to think of it, I even have some yardage that has both the aqua/turquoise and purple together.  My friend Cindy shared it with me when she came for the fall sew-in last year and it is still waiting.   HMMMM.  Have I found an idea of how to use it???  It is far too pretty to be used as a backing plus that stripe-y, chevron thing may be interesting framing the nine patches.

And she is off, LOL.  A little spark, a kernel of an idea, an image and some tweaking.  A maybe.  I will be stitching in a bit--HO HO HO hop coming after all.  I didn't get lot done yesterday, 3 blocks short of the halfway point.  I was playing cards too much, if I am confessing, but it was a holiday.  Today is laundry day but I don't think I am going anywhere, especially since

  1.  I am not dressed (laundry, see above, LOL)  
  2. It is pouring down rain, muggy, overcast.  
  3. My night gown is cooler than my other clothing, see #1. 
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  1. I agree, hot muggy and nightgown cooler then other clothes! Like the block.

  2. hey I like this block! what fun to doodle around and come up with a great looking quilt design my friend! If you decide to make this, send along an email to me and I will join in too.
    I was tempted by the hexie hop but will resist!


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