Jul 26, 2013

this and that

Okay, found on facebook this morning and since I DO have a cat often featured on here-----  well, I thought it was funny anyway.  (He does NOT go on the table or the counters but who knows what he does at night when we are not around to scold him!)

I am happy to report that I have finished up project one for the HO HO HO blog hop that starts next Weds July 31st.  Tons of  binding but I slogged through it yesterday.  Today's plans, after I run a few errands, start quilting item two.  You know the drill----can't show till the assigned reveal day which is Friday, August 2nd in my case.  Sadly, lack of pictures for the blog!  I'll post the schedule early next week.

I don't even have pictures from Tuesday's quilt group to share though I had my camera with me.  I should have gotten a picture of the purse Teresa finished. Or the giftie quilt she is making for one of her kids.  Or Janet's red and white quilt top, made from Faye Burgos fabrics that she bought at a quilt show.   Gorgeous!

The weather was not conducive to meeting but we had a good turnout in spite of that.  (This year it has rained so much that if we were to let that stop us, we would never go anywhere,  LOL).  A few quilts were pinned, more scraps to sort through, one gal sewing, one cutting, one clipping threads, me embroidering.  A couple more were teamed up on a fall project another group is doing.  Nancy dropped by with the dachshund puppy she had just picked up---now that little sweetie deserved a picture.  Oh and a potluck lunch complete with a birthday cake for all the May to September birthday gals.   Just a fun time of fellowship and friendship and no big decision making about where to go for lunch either, LOL.  Normally we have to start thinking about THAT about 45 minutes before we are actually going to go.

And sew it goes in my little corner of bloggerland----


  1. Sounds like you had too much fun to be bothered with taking pictures - Good for you!! - ;))

  2. This is hilarious.....I have 3 cats who help me quilt (and one who gets on the table)


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