Jun 14, 2014

odds and ends EDITED

 I have gotten a bit of sewing done towards the end of the week.   In fact, I went almost straight from one project to the next thing on the mental list.  Here I am trying to make a pattern for Skyler's perch cover last evening, cutting into the old worn out one to see what its approximate measurements should be.  I had ordered the fleece stuff to do this months and months ago. Both perches (yes, he has two!) need attention and there is no need to even laundry them when both of them were looking pretty sad.

I had completed the hand finishing on the binding of the bedroom valence on Friday morning, doing the bulk of the assembly and half the binding on Thursday.  This was after helping to rake up the brush from the bushes Robert had trimmed up after he mowed the yard.  It is a wonder I had any ambition at all after that!  Hot, sweaty work.

Then Jane called and invited me to run over to the Ashville Quilt shop with her, Aline and Terry on Friday afternoon.  They along with several of our quilting pals are doing a BOM with the quilt shop but with a different twist.  They give the participants the fabric and they get to pick their own block patterns to use it.  It has been interesting to see how differently the projects have come out.  Some are appliqued, others pieced.  I think so far  the fabric has been something like an Aunt Gracie closely packed background like print.   Anyway, we had quilt guild today which conflicted with their scheduled session so they got what they needed on Friday.    I'll show you what I came home with a little later in the post.

I was up early again today, (thanks a lot,  Skyler)  but had found poor Oscar had apparently gotten a little sick last night.  I cleaned out his crate upon discovering the mess.  Hooray for Resolve carpet cleaner as Skyler had gotten sick the night before.  What is it with those two??  I started a load of laundry to wash up his messed up towel, etc .  Since I had to get the vacuum attachements out for the crate, the kitchen floor and then most of the carpet got vacuumed right after.  It is around 5:30 at this point.

 THEN I sat down to finish prepping and sew the perch cover.  No breakfast, not dressed, not showered but sewing.   I thought  " it is just some edge finishing and two simple seams"  Ah, famous last words there, LOL.   I was determined to have it back up by the time I left for guild.

Skyler apparently approves.   I will be making another cover for the one in the opposite side of the house but he will need to vacate it first, LOL.  I believe he tracks the sun in the house, mornings on the sunrise side and afternoons/evenings on the sunset end.   There may also be enough sheepskin fabric leftover to make a zip cover for Oscar's crate pad so that may follow if that is the case and I get a zipper.

TADA!  Two finishes.  The picture I took this morning was way too dark (like the one above, LOL)   for you to see what the valence turned out like so I re-did it this afternoon.  I ate a half peanut butter sandwich running out the door, had 5 minutes to shower, 10 minutes to drive and was only 5 minutes late to my destination.  I was to drive today so they didn't leave without me.   The pretty blue patriot swirl Quilter's Candy from Connecting Threads is what I used for that recently completed dust ruffle.  I lined it with their Musical Scroll from their Symphony of Blues line.   I have leftovers and some of the other fabrics in the line so it is entirely possible that I will be making a quilt that will go on that bed at some point.    Also please note that the sun has been shining---for a change---most of the day though it was quite foggy at 5 when I got up.
Off we went today to St. Clair county for quilt guild.  For various reasons, I have missed a few meetings this years so I finally could turn in a donation quilt and show my Paint Chip Challenge that was due back in December 2013.  I also had my stitchery hop bag to show but the last two finishes had to be mailed out so no go there.  

The program was on antique irons.  Our program person Loretta's mom had collected them but she also invited to others who may have had some to bring them too.  Interesting what our foremothers had to go through to iron and smooth fabrics.  Heavy things and some actually looked more like smooth rocks than cast iron or whatever.  

There was a lot of other things happening today besides show and tell and the program.  Loretta's mom lost her husband within days of DJ's passing.  Some damage to their home has forced her to move out and into Loretta's home.   Mrs. B he had brought boxes full of  fabrics and sewing things to donate to the guild.   Very sweet of her.

Then our friend Denise is trying to help a friend's father settle his daughter's estate.  Sherry and Denise were dear friends for years outside of guild.  Unfortunately Sherry lost her battle to health issues a couple weeks ago.  Denise with the help of another quilting friend had brought in some of Sherry's things to raise some funds .  There had been a featherweight machine but I got the New Home HF 3000.  Left the foot pedal behind though and realized that once I got home.  I've already emailed Denise about it and depending on what/where we'll work it out for pickup.  The quilt kit has 19 yards of fabric in it and I got it very very reasonably.  Don't have to make that pattern if I don't want to.   The purse is just cute--who doesn't like polka dots?  

In addition, we had planned on having a mini quilt auction in March for the quilt show, first time ever.  The auctioneer was arranged for, two charities were picked and the proceeds were to have been split between Lakeside Hospice locally and the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness nationally.  It did not happen much to our disappointment.  However, the decision was made to have a silent auction among the guild members instead if the members still wished to donate the miniature that they had made for this purpose.  It was so cool to see those hanging again at the meeting place.  Sales appeared to be brisk!   The pictures below were taken at the show.  I made blocks for the log cabin group miniature but just did not have time to make a mini.  Others did.

When I got home, I found that the giveaway order that I had gotten from Quilt Taffy's etsy store was already here.  THX to generosity of Carol of Just Let Me Quilt and a little money from me, I got this little cute kit to make a see through bag and some wonder clips to try.   A friend mentioned that perhaps I was due a reward project of some sort and this just might fill the bill!

This is my quilt shop purchases then.  The Blank Quilting Polka Dot and the Cat Party Print from Red Rooster are probably both headed to Baby R's drag around quilt.  I am still thinking chevrons for that one.  The aqua on the end is a Vintage Vibe piece from Faye Burgos and Marcus Brothers which should be a good fit for some of those Farmer's Wife Inspired Sampler blocks that I want to get to to working on one of these days.  I wish I could have gotten some of the Bonnie and Camille Scrumptious line as I love their stuff too but I refrained.   I know I have room for this stuff, more fat quarters, not so much, LOL.  

I hear Oscar barking and it is time for his supper.  When I got back from guild and lunch out today, I loaded him up in the carrier and we did two laps around the local park.  We also took a short jaunt up the lane to share my newspaper with the neighbors.  He is my paper dog!

Guess that's it for this installment.  To my family members in honor of events they are celebrating this weekend, I love you all.


  1. Love your cat perch. Showed it to my husband so he might make one for our two moggies! Di

  2. Holy cow you've been busy. I love the cat perch idea, I don't have a cat but think that's a great idea.


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