Jun 11, 2014

quilts, meetings and sewing plans

A few pictures to share and so forth--------

First the "glamour" shot of the Storm at Seas wall hanging I made for Baby R's nautical themed nursery.  The shot on the back of our shed---the quilting shows up really well in this outside shot.
 Kristine and Andy had it in time for her shower on Sunday.  I had mailed it up to my sister, the baby's nana and told her they would need a dowel rod or cafe rod to hang it but it had a sleeve on the back for hanging purposes.   Quite thoughtfully, Diane took some video so I could see her open the package though she opened the rod first.  LOL, the look on her face was priceless.

I was told that someone at the shower had offered to take it off Kristine's hands as those where "her" colors!  I tried a shot here in the house too but obviously the command hooks above my bed were not up high enough or far apart enough.   Still the colors kind of go with my PopStix quilt.  What wouldn't with that colorful mix?   Meanwhile, Mr. Nosy Nose busied himself with the buttons and such on the wall hanging that has been up there on the wall.  He can't reach them otherwise.  This was the piece that I made for the "Say It with Flowers Blog Hop" last year.

As I mentioned, my recent blog piece is going to passed on to my niece Amber and fiance Greg who are to be married in mid August as a shower gift.  I found some picnic ware type dishes and packed that all up and sent it on its way to Colorado on Monday.  I doubt she follows my blog but it will still be a surprise for them.

I also got a nice surprise myself though as I won the Quilt Taffy.com gift certificate offered by Carol of Just Let me Quilt as part of her blog hop giveaway.  I have not had a chance to go shopping yet but Corrie of Quilt Taffy participated in the hop on Wednesday last week with that cool Swoon Quilt and large pieced Churn Dash comprised of smaller red squares.   I will be having a ball checking things out in her etsy shop later today.

Monday afternoon I decided that I could at least try to get the pattern made off of the old valence so whacked the old one in half plus what I considered to be seam allowance.  Two widths of freezer were the perfect width and good old painters tape stood in to bridge it all together.  I have no pattern for this as I had sort of traced it off on an existing valence shape that I liked all those years ago.  DJ used this since the summer we moved here (July 97) while the original one is hanging in the master bathroom.

I had not realized that the binding had faded to about the shade as the ticking I had used for lining but what do you expect for 17 years??

Tuesday was my day for cutting.  I was up early so was able to cut out the valence and lining before I had to get ready to go to Bama Belles.  The bias binding strips are cut as well.  Still haven't started sewing it but that is my intention for the day.

There were just 6 of us at the meeting.  Various family situations kept a few of the girls away, things that I hope are going to be resolved for those that are ill. Another is recuperating from surgery.   One of the gals that had bilateral knee surgery a couple months back had just completed her rehab and I was happy to see her back, driving and doing well.  Bridget and Donna were both sewing---Bridget on that embroidery bag roll up similar to mine and Donna, on her block of the month that is due this weekend.  Lois and Beverly were busy pinning some of Lois' more recent completions and later were cutting for the sewing project we are doing at the 4th Tuesday meeting.  Me?  Cutting all meeting.  2 1/2 inch strips background and donation fabrics so we can make some Fiddlesticks blocks and quilts for the kids.  I found that fair amount of the fat quarters Rosa had donated did go together though in a few cases, it was a little loosely, LOL.   I got a stack of blues mostly tone on tones that will work well together and Beverly added some of hers to the mix.  If we need more blocks, then I'll raid my blue stash at home or Donna said she had some leftovers from her Blue Chevron quilt (below).  Another pile was rusts to reds to pinks.  Another was more towards the greens.

We stayed in for lunch and I think we all went on home a bit after 1 pm.  Yesterday, like today, there was a forecast for a severe thunderstorm watch.  I just hope that the girls that live on the north end of the county like me got home before it hit.  It was getting darker and darker as I drove home, wind picking up etc.  We've already had a downpour this morning and Oscar was welcomed back into the house for awhile anyway.  I was promising him to keep an eye out and he would be back in before long, LOL.  He, as usual, did not answer me.   BTW my smart dogger is on to me holding the back door open for him to go out.  I even went out the door myself trying to convince him that it was okay to head out and he was still giving me that sad, hush puppy dog look with the ears dropping and mournful eyes.  He was also rolling on the welcome mat which seems to be his favorite spot next to his open doored crate.  Yes, he got away with that for a little while anyway.

Glynda and Miss Katherine picked up Kit Kit (her new name though I think Mama Kitty will still stick) after the Hip To Snip Express vehicle dropped her off along with the other dogs and cats that had made the trip and had procedures.   Pickette's Feed and Pet Supply allows the use of their parking lot for this.  I went over to see how she was doing last night and visited with Miss Katherine a bit after supper.  Glynda said they told her Kit Kit WAS in still in heat (we thought so) but amazingly, in spite of all her suitors, not pregnant.   That week's confinement prior to the procedure helped.    I've seen two of the baby daddies still lurking around in the neighborhood but she is staying inside and away from them for at least two weeks.  Since she is an outside kitty that may be a challenge once she is feeling a bit more lively!

Well, that valence sewing awaits as does a few more projects on the list.  See how far I get today.  I may put a more summery appearing quilt on that bed once I get the window treatment done.  I am tired of that room being the catch-all spot.  If I ever do have out of town guests, it cannot persist.


  1. another busy day! plus the time you spent helping me identify an old quilt - thanks again! Love the Storm at Seas, it turned out great - if this weather keeps up you will have to make a storm in Alabama! have a great day!

  2. Busy, busy lady! Your Love the Storm quilt is so beautiful...love the colors! I hope the "baby daddies" leave poor Kit Kit alone. :O)

  3. Beautiful quilts, Linda! Thank you for sharing. (I read this post earlier...but we were traveling and the tablet wouldn't let me post comments!) Again, nice work!


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