Jun 8, 2014

thanks, recipe and Quilt Symposium

I want to thank you for stopping by to see my Perfect Picnic Blog Hop entry.  Some of you were kind enough to leave a comment and I have tried to answer each email.  Y'all warm my heart.

I was also asked if I would share the recipe for the Freezer Slaw that my mentor gave me all those many years ago.  I'll be happy to.  I put it in my cooking software using the full amounts of the ingredients but I halved it.  It calls for 1 gallon of shredded cabbage and I had no clue how much that was but one good sized head was plenty!

* Exported from MasterCook *

                          Mrs. B's Freezer Slaw

Recipe By     :  Eunice Beetzel
Serving Size  : 16    Preparation Time :0:00
Categories    : Salads                          Side dishes

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
  1             gallon  shredded cabbage -- 2 heads
  1              large  carrot -- peeled and grated
  1                     green pepper -- chopped
  1                     onion (not in the original recipe but I used it) -- chopped
  1           teaspoon  salt
  1                cup  vinegar
     1/4           cup  water
  1           teaspoon  whole mustard seed
  1           teaspoon  celery seed
  2               cups  sugar

I used the "wrong" side of the grater/shredder plate in my food processor and grated mine but I like that texture better for coleslaw anyway.  The recipe makes a lot so you may chose to half it as I did.

Mix the salt with the cabbage and let stand for one hour to pull out the water in it.  Squeeze out the moisture.  I wrapped it up in a clean bath towel that had had no fabric softener on it to express as much of the liquid as I could.  Add the carrot and green pepper (chopped onion if you like it too)

For the dressing:

Mix the water, vinegar, sugar and seasoning.  Boil for one minute.  Cool the mixture to lukewarm temperature.  Pour over the slaw mix.  Mix well and freeze.

I put mine up in several smaller containers as I know it will keep well in the freezer till I am ready.  Thaws fairly quickly too. Good for picnics as the dressing is not mayonaisse based.

  "my co-worker and mentor shared this recipe with me back in the early 70's."
                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 121 Calories; trace Fat (1.6% calories from fat); 1g Protein; 31g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 0mg Cholesterol; 148mg Sodium.  Exchanges: 0 Grain(Starch); 0 Lean Meat; 1 Vegetable; 0 Fat; 1 1/2 Other Carbohydrates.

Nutr. Assoc. : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

It had been a busy week what with getting ready for the blog hop, preparing picnic fare and the like.  I finished off the week by going to the JOY guild meeting at the invitation of one the founding members.  She had called and was to do a presentation on Patience Corner as part of an on-going member instruction thing but other than some blocks she did not have a quilt made up with it.  She knew I did because I had entered my Christmas version in a quilt show last fall where Ada had seen it and wondered just how that went together.   (The link will take you to a picture of it hanging at said show.)

Then on Friday I was off to the Alabama Quilt Symposium with pals Jane, Donna, Aline and Lois.  I had not been for a couple of years, I think the last time they were still having it up in the Cullman area and I drove with some of the girls.  This time it was over in Hoover, one of the Birmingham suburbs and Donna drove Jane's new vehicle, at Jane's request.  We had lunch at Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe at the Colonnade on the way back and got caught in a huge downpour on 1-20 not far out of Birmingham.  It followed us on home.

There were not as many quilts as I expected from previous trips to this but they had a separate Quilts of Valor set up in the cafeteria of the middle school that held the show.  The quilts were in small gym area with a stage in between it and the vendor area.  I turned in my program to be recycled early on as it was too hard to hang on to all the papers they handed us and take pictures too.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I know nothing or little about the makers, designers this time around.  One did have a sweet story and that I will share.

Jane, the young lady on the right in this picture stitched up twenty cat blocks for this quilt and was working on some of them last year when the lady on the left met her and struck up a conversation.  She told Jane if she finished up the blocks she would finish making the quilt for her.  When we had turned the corner and were looking at the cute quilt all the sudden there was a shriek from Jane.  She was so happy she was crying.  The lady was pointing out the Honorable Mention ribbon on it and I guess that provoked her reaction.  She told Jane she should not cry because the ladies would want to get a picture of them with the quilt they had made together.  Another woman who might have been Jane's mom said that the patterns were from Woman's Day magazines.  (I think I even have them in my redwork collection)  Congratulations you two!

This was one of the quilts in the QOV area.   Lois and I were looking at it as a possibility for our 2 1/2 strip collections/ideas.  We figured it was an 8 inch finished block and every other one is rotated.  I drew it up in EQ yesterday,  LOL as she wanted a yardage estimation for a Wrap Them in Love sized version (40 x 60-ish)

The maker said what the source was for this block of the month with the interesting setting but as I said, no notes.

Another block of the month project possibly offered by the Heart to Heart Quilt Shop but I cannot say for sure.

I like this one a lot, not only because it is a well executed medallion style quilt but the colors are right up my alley, LOL.

This was just a treat to look at with all manner of animal life represented. Things from the insect world as well.

One of the fat cat patterns from Sindy Rodenmeyer.  Sindy has patterns for sale but also does a free block of the month always in applique.

The quilting on this small wall hanging was out of this world.  On silk duponi.

These next three are from Dr. Peggy Rhodes who recently did a program at Friendship Quilters which I missed.   I believe she has authored a book on hexies.  I believe they start off as circles??

This is the only things I purchased other than lunch!   The Basix ruler may be a good one for our donation quilts---we are going to try it out with some of Rosa's donation fabric anyway.  You have some bias edge to deal with but that's why we have sizing and starch.

The folded corner clipper is to help with the guild challenge quilt that I need to be working on in coming weeks.

I was able to open the window for a short time this morning and Skyler was taking advantage of it.  He doesn't really care if his old perch is there or not if the window is open.

We had quite the spell of thunderstorms last night.  Apparently not severe enough to trigger the weather alert radio here in Calhoun County but so much lightning flashing and rumbling for several hours continuously.  The Birmingham market had a lot of power outages apparently and the storms were thought to be responsible for a large fire in Sulligent from what I read.  I first noticed it rumbling about 10 pm and it was still at it at 1:45.  Oscar was whining in his crate and was not happy in or out of it.  I was sitting with him trying to get him to settle down while unbelievably, Skyler was NOT under either bed by that time.  In fact, the little booger was sitting about 3 feet away from the crate door and hissing at the dog.  He has been puffing up and charging the baby gate too lately but I may have mentioned that.  Anyway, none of us got a whole lot of sleep last night.  Skyler was trying to get me up at 4:15 actually and I know I was awake till about 2.  By 6:30 there was no point in staying in bed.

 It has just started rumbling out there----- AGAIN!  I let Oscar back in the house as I don't want him getting hit by lightning.   The weather app on my phone sounded to announce that we are under a slight risk for severe weather.   This is not an unusual summer phenomena down for Alabama and in fact, there was an article in the local paper that explained just why these pop up rain showers and thunderstorms happen.  Lots of moist area pushing up from the Gulf, 2-6 pm is the hottest time of the day, the humidity level reaches the temperature level.  Boy Howdy on that!   I need a shower about every time Oscar and I go for a walk!  I don't know when I have sweat more but part of that is because I am definitely outside more than I used to be.  How often have I said that I did not move South for the summers??   I could sweat quite nicely in the swampy July and August in Illinois, thank you!  LOL.  I was surprised though to hear that all this rain is not a bad thing.   Quoting our ABC33-40 dude James Spann out of Birmingham    "“A good covering of June storms can mitigate the heat levels we often see in July and August,” Spann said. “Ample moisture in the soil keeps the earth from overheating, which in turn keeps the temperature down.”   Who knew??

Tomorrow Miss Kathryn and I have to be up quite early as we are taking Mama Kitty in to have her procedure.  She may still be in heat or already pregnant as there were 4 tomcats doing their level best to do so. Just to keep them away, she has been in the house with Miss Kathryn or out in the large dog crate with her bed, box and food available but keeping out the suitors this past week.   One of the local pet and feed stores is the pick up spot for the lower cost spay/neuter program but we have her there by 6.   They stay overnight in Birmingham where they do the procedure and then pick up is about noon on Tuesday.   I can go for the delivery but Glynda and her mom will go for the pickup.

I don't know that I will be getting anything creative done today or not.  The first thing on my list to do is a valence for the master bedroom but frankly, I am not really in the mood at the moment.  Think I'll go read and keep the critters company.   The baby shower is today so I will share the picture of the finished wall hanging that I made for them next time.  Hope I hear from my mom or sister to see what Kristine thought of it.


  1. Wow, you've been busy. Love the quilts from the show. I've seen Janet pictured before somewhere. It's always such fun to be recognized for hard work. I used to live in Center Point - taught school in Pinson. That's going back quite a few years. Almost forgot about it!! Thanks for the recipe! Looks so yummy.

  2. It sounds like the show was lovely! It sounds like Jane was thrilled to see her blocks finished into a quilt - and a ribbon winner to boot! I recognize those blocks. I am going to have to work on my own version of that quilt one day. I love that medallion quilt! And of course the chicken quilt is right up my alley!

  3. yes thanks for the recipe! and the online quilt show, it is amazing to see all of this work on display. What a long day you had but sounds like fun, out with the girls.


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