Sep 26, 2013

Gadsden Quilts "at the Falls" 2013

I met up with my friend Jane at about 8:30 yesterday morning to go set up her guild's show. They have a small membership and many older (yeah, I am just a kid compared to some of them) members that are not able to climb the ladders to set up. We friends from other quilt groups pitch in; yesterday there was 6 of us helping out and maybe 5 others that work for the City's Parks and Rec. Some of the shows proceeds will be going to the restoration fund at the Pitman Theatre and others to the Gadsden Museum of Art.

As I had done last year I checked in the quilts and then was assigned the task of pairing up the quilts in the order they would be called for as the racks went up.  Two per side normally.  Diane H was helping me out with the 100 (bed quilt hand quilted), 200 (bed quilt, two person), 300 (baby quilt), 400 (applique) and 600 (misc) groupings while Jane, Reba and Kathy were taking on the 500---the largest category of ever popular "small quilts--less than 70 x 80".   We had to get them out of the pillow case or bags that they were in, tag the quilt with the same number as the pillow case and as I said pair them up, check them against the lists we had been handed and the floor plan.   We had almost the whole first row of them ready when Gary changed the floor plan and had to sort through them again.

Then we re-ordered the pillowcases again from back to front for take down so they will be ready in order.  Diane and Kathy will be teaming up for that job so they have the floor plan copied and know how we stacked them in the tub.  I do not plan on going back up and Jane will bring my quilts home with her so I took pictures yesterday. I am afraid that the venue could use a little more lighting but I tried to lighten them up a bit. As usual some I know a little about and some I don't. These were a few that caught my eye.

I think that this is from one of the Eleanor Burns books but not one that I own.  A run through her website did not show it so it may be out of print.  I checked on Amazon and believe this is one of the Towne Square Sampler quilts so it is available on the secondary market.  They had to fold the bottom edge up so it would not drag on the floor.

Reba, one of the Gadsden Guild ladies made this wonderful spider web.  She was the same one that did the nine patch yo yo quilt that I admired last year.

One I do not know anything about but it is a striking quilt, don't you think?

This might be one of Sue Ann's quilts (from the Piecemaker group in Jacksonville)  To me it looks a bit like Atkinson Designs, Daisy Chain but without the sashing.  Again, I don't see it on her webpage but they do have it in secondary market.

I am not sure but this might be from a former Bama Belle/JOY group gal.  Very pretty!

This row quilt was made by my friend and fellow Friendship Quilter Terri.  It may have been from one of their "ugly" fabric exchanges, not sure.

This Christmas Sampler was made/assembled by my friend Aline from blocks made by the JOY group.  For several years the group was involved in swapping 12 inch completed Christmas blocks.  They may still be doing it for all I know, LOL.

This is my Christmas Patience Corner and I only post it here to tell you that Jane called late yesterday afternoon to tell me that it had received a ribbon in the 200 bed quilt, two person category.  Woohoo! My dear friend Norma quilted mine as well as her own version of this quilt but hers had borders and mine maybe more blocks.  Actually let's call them "fraternal twins" . Hers was recently awarded a blue ribbon in her town's fall fair, while mine had a third place ribbon, making it a winner on both sides of the US/Canadian border!

You know how I love redwork.  I do not know the maker 

This one was just cute, I thought.

This was made by one of the Bama Belles Donna for donation.  Only her 2nd quilt.  I quilted it for her and Jane bound it just so she would enter it.  We'll make sure she learns how to do those things herself down the line!

The next four log cabin quilts were a log cabin challenge project, I believe, with a quilt group just north of Gadsden.  I do not know much beyond that from looking at the entry forms.  The first may be a Flavin Glover row house pattern.  Flavin Glover is known for her log cabin quilts and just happens to be from the state of Alabama!

I love this one!

I thought at first that this might be a tree skirt but then there was no center cut and we located a sleeve on it.  It had to be tied to the quilt rack frame on the outer hexie edges.

This was taken right before lunch break, with just a few more quilts to be hung.  That is Sue Ann up on the ladder.

This one reminds me a bit of Pineapple Blossom but minus the sashing, more scrappy.  I do like it but know nothing more about it.

So there you have a preview.  Should you live around here, go on up and see them in person.  Show goes through Friday at 6, I believe.  It is also Quilt Walk time at Collinsville and the Fall Festival at McClellan.  Lots of quilty stuff going on this weekend!

Now enough goofing off from me!  With Norma's collaboration this morning I came to some decisions about my Wicked Hop entry so need to move that along.  Another day or so and I could be actually sewing, LOL.


  1. Thanks for the quilt show! There is some good variety and excellent workmanship in those quilts! Congratulations on the blue ribbon win! It is so fun that our fraternal twin quilts both won blue ribbons in the same month!

    1. Turns out that I must have misunderstood what Jane told me on the phone. When it arrived home I spotted a third place ribbon on it. I corrected the post.

  2. Thanks for sharing these quilts. I am afraid I won't get to go to the show.


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