Sep 2, 2013

a small finish

I officially finished the cleaning/purge business yesterday afternoon with a mop of the kitchen floor. Woohoo!  Saturday, after I posted, I attacked the sewing room closet mess. One good thing there is that I found a spot for some boxes of materials and block of the months, just by shifting things around. It looks sooooo much better in there. I have a better inventory of batting on hand including what can be seamed to make something usable for another project BEFORE I order more.

I am glad that I took the time off from sewing to make all that happen.  It is nice to have a neat and tidy home even if no one else but me knows I cleaned all the dusty lint stuff off the air return.  Well, I guess you know it now too, LOL.

Today, I cut out the pillowcases that will go with the PopStix quilt using the leftover backing material.  I needed to sew a side seam in the dotty body on one to get the thing made but hey, it worked.

At the last minute I decided to go with that pink striped polished cotton (or whatever it is, LOL)  I have pink sheets so this will sort of go with those. 

The color is off. More like the picture above but with a hint of green.  You get the idea of what the deal looks like anyway.

What's next?  I suppose I could work on the quilt binding.  However since that is not my favorite thing, I don't believe I'll spend my holiday doing it.  My husband will be having a procedure on Thursday and the outpatient department has already warned us to anticipate being there for 6 hours!  Yikes.  I know I will be doing some knitting or embroidery then as I do not just sit, ever, even here at home.

Think I will get some measurements on my serger and think about that cover idea I have.  I got the fabric for it last week so that's a start!

Hope you have had a happy and safe holiday weekend---------

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