Aug 31, 2013

lists---do they help??

I am just about finished with the great clean and purge job here at home.  In some ways I might be the only one that really knows what I did but to me, I have the satisfaction of knowing that it is better than it was.  DJ has gotten in the act a bit and will be painting the last shelf/wall in the utility room some time today.  I already have cleaned up and/or thinned down the storage containers that go in that spot as we were working in there yesterday.   He painted the bottom two shelves and boy, did that freshen and brighten it up in there!

Today: I cleared out my area in the outside shed this morning, made the run to the recycle boxes and the donation bins----again.  I also straightened, cleaned, thinned out the pantry room off the car port.  That was one hot job as while the temps were not high, the humidity was.  Sweat in the eyes---ugh!I finished dealing with the kitchen food cupboards.  I am currently satisfied with the stuff and the amount of it in the kitchen.  I could move all the cookbooks and dust but I think that is one job that I could just plan on doing some morning.

That just leaves the sewing room closet which, to my mind, needs the most attention.  If I can work up enough energy to deal with it, LOL.  Right now, I am wearing down quickly and just want to take a shower, pop a couple Motrin and lay down.  I won't yet but I want to---there is a difference!

So, as this cleaning/purging deal winds down, I should be able to get back to sewing early next week as I planned but on what??  I had considered joining in the batik/60's themed blog hop coming up in late September/early October, thinking it might jump start a project I had cut out but not sewn.  I have some leftover from a kit that Lois had used to make a top, something from a quilter's garage sale, that may have worked in this too.  Ultimately though I expressed my regrets to Mdm. Samm this morning.  Making something 60's themed might mean it has to live at my house.  That is not necessarily a good thing, LOL---butterflies, big dots, chevrons, houndstooth.  Oh wait some of that stuff has made a resurgence!  Take a look at something that arrived in my email box just this morning------lava lamps and love beads from Lyn Brown.  Nice!  but I don't want it even for nostalgia's sake.

I had a Kit It and Hit 2013 list and it is right there on a tabbed page.  Have I done anything on it??  UH, not much.  I'll cross through what I have managed to get done on those lists.  The descriptors only really matter to me.

"Mostly donation items I want moved on from the tower container in the sewing room.  There are also a few personal items I want moved along too.  My goal is to at least get these to flimsy stage in 2013.  "Squirrels" are allowed.

  • Adapted Oxmoor House Christmas quilt--personal
  • Basket Button Up--personal
  • Bloom Button Up--personal
  • Harvest Button Up--persona
  • Bears---Puss in the Corner or Patience Corne
  • Cat panel medallion
  • Anne's Fall Strings---maybe a RR Crossing.  Cher get the other half
  • Nancy's Blue and Fuschia mystery quilt
  • Twisted Sister--- need backgrounds cut
  • Billie Lauder Pinwheel---one or two quilts in that bag???
  • Chunky Churn Dash
  • Mystery Blockaid or figure something else out with the components
  • Naptime in pinks and teal
  • Snuggle Up or Boardwalk with the fallish strips
  • Twin Sisters---a few blocks already made
  • Oriental Puss in the Corner on poin
  • Finish up the Hexagon Stack and Whack
  • Criss Cross---finish it--about 4 blocks are made

  • Halloween Row x Row
  • Friendship Quilters Row x Row
  • Farmer's Wife Inspired Sampler--continue on from block 31 to 110
  • Stitches from the Heart---Sunbonnet Sue from Mary Alice 

  • Allison tree skirt
  • Blake and Julia tree skirt      
  • And the recently I added in an other one!  that will go to Kristine and Andy

  • Judy's Country at Heart BOM---probably is two tops 
  • Start Marti Michell BOM kits

Pretty ambitious, right??  And in past years all those donation quilts may have gotten done.  I'll cut myself a little bit of slack on the on-going stuff.  It is all stalled out though.  I have a few rows done on the Friendship Quilters row but that ended in May??  I am still stitching on the Halloween stitchery that goes in the middle of the Halloween row but not consistently.  The Sunbonnets?  Well, I had hoped maybe that would happen but I am still just collecting patterns.

So I'm thinking I should just scrap that whole list and work from the one I mentally established earlier in the month. A few things are actually done on this one!  Just stating that I have a list normally makes me follow through especially if there is a deadline involved.  At least 4 things on here do have a deadline.  Some can wait.

  • Hexie Hop Items
  • Bday present :items for Norma
  • 2 pillow cases for the tree skirts
  • Hand finish the binding on PopStix
  • Pillow cases to match PopStix
  • Kristine's Tree skirt and case
  • Harvest Paint Chip Challenge
  • BB Debbie Mumm Challenge
  • Purse--either 4 fats or batik'ish one
  • donation quilt for Gene's Quilt Angels
  • quilt up the 4 donation qlts left in the stack
  • serger cover---post haste!
  • let this please be the year I replace those awful backwards Christmas stockings

Actually it might be more enlightening to me if I were to list just what I DID manage to get done this year!  

I have NOT been a total slug in the sewing department.  Hops happened.  I am glad that I participated and do not regret one minute that I spent working on my items for them.  It is fun, challenging and interacting with other quilters and crafters has been a blast.  I used to be totally focused on donation quilt work and was for 10 plus years.   It has been good to do some things for just me, and just for the heck of it.  I have the one required quilt done for Friendship Quilters and will be quilting up a few more as they are just waiting for me.  It just has not been my entire "bag of tricks".  

What will I do first?  Whip up those matching pillow cases for PopStix, work on the binding at quilt meetings and get some measurements so I can make the serger cover.  I've got fabric that matches the sewing machine cover that was my entry for "It's All About Me" (I'm a little biased) but I'll forego the applique this time, LOL.  

Well, DJ is done with the painting task.  We can re-load the shelf in about an hour.  Leftover vegetable beef soup is thawing in the fridge for supper so cooking tasks are minimal tonight. That closet is not going to straighten up by itself.  I want the holiday on Monday to be just that, a holiday!  No housework. 

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  1. Thank goodness for "squirrels"!

    It is those squirrels that run by, grab our attention, and keep us motivated. Don't forget, you were test pilot on that bag pattern for me--that was definitely a squirrel!


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