Aug 21, 2013

Check in/Day 2 Hexie Queen Blog Hop

I will have to confess to lagging behind here and horrors, did not find time to start Day 1 hopping because I was busy quilting!  In my defense, the way I have to set up my room TO quilt blocks access to the keyboard, my chair, monitor viewing----- for anything but the most cursory glance at email.

And then you have this------

I had about one more inch to go of attaching the hanging sleeve to my PopStix when you know who hopped aboard for a little nestling in the quilt folds.  This was shot  from my seat at the machine, forward table in front, desk and computer at the left.  There is about a foot to get around the table and out of the room, here in the smallest bedroom in the house.

Yesterday I was able to quilt my hexie entry and get the first side of the binding attached, hanging sleeve attached.   While I had the machine set up to quilt, I also quilted up a chevron donation quilt that Donna H. had made.  Then I pressed all the binding for the PopStix and attached MOST of it before I gave up for the night at about 9:30.  I finished up the last joining edge this morning and well, you see the rest.

Oh, the stack and whack top is done as well but I did that over the weekend.  I finished up the borders and then turned my attention to piecing the back.  I had to piece it as I just barely had enough fabric for the width of the quilt.  The 4 leftover blocks were pieced in a column and off set symmetrically, again out of necessity.  I think I can quilt is as it finishes approximately 55 x 65 but I want to use some of batting leftovers to augment a 45 x 60 batt that I have on hand before I think about pinning it.

On Monday, I pieced a Hexie Garden block using an Atkinson Designs pattern but I am not sure I like it.  It looks huge but part of that was my fault for not using the suggested ruler system.  I may try it again with the next size down cuts and see if I like it any better but not till I get the real hexie entry bound!! ( I will share it on  my featured day 8/26.) That is today's plan----binding.  Not my favorite but I will have access to the computer (best light for binding is here at the desk)  and I can get caught up with yesterday's hop participants and today's featured hoppers.

Here's today's list:

Wednesday, August 21
Sunshine Girl Nicola 

Hopefully I will be able to report a finish soon and take advantage of the sunny weather to get some pictures taken!
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  1. That is a cute picture of Skyler!

    You are one amazing quilting machine! After the binding is done it is time for a reward, right?

  2. I agree, love the photo of Skyler too. nice progress being made on your part...go Linda go!


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