Aug 12, 2013

PopStix comes home!

I have more to add to a post---after all, I had a sew-in and a birthday between posts---but I wanted to share my recently quilted Popsicle Sticks (PopStix) bed quilt. Pattern source:  Atkinson Designs.  I still need to bind it and that is on my "to-do" list, right after the hexie items are finished up for the next hop.  I jokingly told my pal Norma this morning that I may never see daylight with all that is ON that list.  I may post it just to keep myself accountable but trust me, my previous goals list needs to be tossed.  Blog hops happened and I have not done one thing on it!  Oh, I have gotten lots done, just not THAT stuff.  You may see what a sorry confession that is. Or to put a positive spin on things, maybe I should make a list of what I HAVE managed to get done instead or in addition to what was listed.

I took one of this from this angle hoping you could see how pretty the back is and what a great job Denise did with the quilting.  She is a friend from Friendship Quilters Guild who long arms.  I had taken it to the last meeting and she had it done in time for me to pick it up at the sew-in.  Not knowing which pantos she had,  I had said to use something like a big stipple or rounded since the top itself is all strips.  This bubble shape and the variegated thread was the perfect choice.  THX Denise!  I love the fabric too which I found for a good price at thousands of bolts.  Good thing too since I needed like 9-10 yards of it.  Habitat by Jay McCarroll for Free Spirit but it also says Westminster Fibers #JY 34 For the Birds.  There is probably enough left to bind the quilt and maybe make a couple pillow cases for my bed.

I must tell you, that I had to make the bed to even get to this point.  Skyler was NOT making it easy either.  A rousing round of "where's the kitty?" ensued with each layer.  I thought the coast was clear when I pulled out the quilt and the camera.

But, here is the quilt complete with kitty lump.  He had taken a tour of the bedroom clothes closet between bed making and my getting dressed.  I thought he might be done playing and settling in for a the morning into afternoon nap.  You think that they have built in radar when it comes to quilts??

Looks like I should have lightened up the pictures a bit before I posted it.  I'll be sure to do that when I take the final glamour shots instead.  Too late now!

From another angle.  Again I hope that the quilting shows up.  All my favorite colors.  But even better, the quilt does not feel like an army blanket with all the cuddle mashed out of it by over quilting.

I have some more sewing to do this afternoon as I near completion of one of my hexie hop projects.  I hope to pin it tomorrow at Bama Belles so that will push me to finish up sometimes this afternoon.  I'm close!

With that more immediate action plan in place, I best make it happen!  Tell you about the other stuff later.

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  1. Welcome home, PopStix! What a pretty quilt! I agree with you about the quilting - sometimes they tend to get over quilted and aren't cuddly any more - Denise did a great job finding a pattern that is dense enough but not "too" dense. And of course, the best part of your photos is the kitty lump - ;))


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