Aug 24, 2013

one down, two or more to go /additional note

One pillow case/tree skirt holder down.  Two more cut out to sew.  Er serge, I mean.

Roughly following the directions on this youtube video   from Cynthia Dickerson but inserting an accent row, I did this all on the serger.  I still didn't get the accent row to line up as wonderfully as I would like but that might be because I sort of basted it down a bit first and then re-serged it.  Also I was perhaps inconsistent on lining it up on the seam allowance marks.  I didn't see those at first!

Because the green fabric was used for the borders on Allison's tree skirt and it is a directional print I wound up with about 28 inches width of fabric but about 2 1/2 yards long.  I sort of fussy cut the 2nd section, splitting it along some of those trees to line it up. That allowed me to use what I had sewn on the conventional machine as an uncalled for 2nd side seam.  It worked out, I believe.

I used that floral piece that sort of reminds me of poinsettias for the cuff.  Originally I had bought it to use as setting triangles but blended too much with the sashing of the blocks.   I found a use for it in the case.  Only scraps remain of most of the yardage and that's fine for the Christmas fabric stash or bits will show up in the tree skirt I will be making for another niece.

I had gotten a comment from a local friend Gene who said  "Have fun with your new serger --and don't say bad words if you have to re-thread it."   I am happy to report that I did have the opportunity to practice threading--twice and did so without spouting off though I did leave and come back to it.  It was time to fix supper so I didn't get as frustrated as I would have had I not walked away for a bit.  The first time I did not quite have the sequencing right on one of the loopers so it snapped again.  BUT going through the process not only gave me more practice but reinforced the step where I had messed up.  I also did up the reference strips I mentioned yesterday before I started on the pillow case. That gave me an idea of how firmly to step on the pedal and start up the seam.

Today I am going to try to tie on new spools of thread as I need to get down to a more neutral color for one of my cases.  Norma swears it is not hard and she, in fact, uses this method for her long arm.  She even linked me some more you tube video.  The girl should have shut off the TV and put a little more light on the subject but I think I get what to do.  I think one of the things that should be on my serger to do list is make a decent cover for it.  No self respecting sewist/quilter should have an ugly plastic cover on their machine, for pete's sake.  LOL  I believe I can find some fabric even if doesn't go with anything else I have made up.  Stash busting!  I already know it needs a pocket to hold the pedal and another for accessories.  HMMMMM.  The hunt is on for guidance there.

And sew it goes-------

almost 5 pm and I have a 2nd one done for Blake and Julia.  A different red for the accent but the ivy matches the backing.  I only have enough left of the green check I used for sashing and binding on the tree skirt to use as an accent piece on another one so subbed out a different green with gold stars.  It will work.

Supposedly this is a 15 minute job but just as I was about 6 inches from finishing, I ran out of thread in first one looper and then the other.  I was going to re-thread anyway.  I hope that I get a little speedier with that job is all I am going to say, LOL.  I will be ordering thread soon.   I didn't get to try the tie on thing this time after all but I am sure there will be other opportunities!

To see the tree skirts full out open see my HO HO HO blog hop entry  HERE.

I have my pictures all taken to post late tomorrow night as come Monday it will my day along with 10 other participants.  Hope you'll come to visit then!


  1. I love this pillow case! great job on learning your go girl!

  2. Yaay for you. I am sure you will do fine with the tie on for changing threads.

  3. Darned those notification emails---I went to delete the duplicate after Linda's comment was published and that deleted it completely. Linda of left this comment to me

    "Good for you learning your serger so fast. And they certainly make those pillow cases go together in a snap. Two years ago I made 17 pillowcases for everyone in the family. A breeze with the serger.
    Looks like you're having fun with it.


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