Aug 6, 2013

THX and checking in

The HO HO HO  blog hop continues for a few more days, ending on Friday August 9th.  Today is Day 5.  I hope you are enjoying it as much as I have.  Such inspiration and creativity from this group of participants.  I have been late getting around to see everyone till later in the afternoon the last two days but would not miss it if it meant looking at midnight, or the next day!

I sincerely appreciate everyone who stopped by Friday and a few since then leaving such sweet comments about the tree skirts I have made for family members' holiday decorating plans.  I do try to answer each email but am a little bit behind if it arrived yesterday or today.  I'll get to it though! 

There were quite a few no reply bloggers, more than usual it would seem.  I replied there but I don't know if anyone ever goes back to look at that.  Please see our most excellent cheerleader Carol's note on how to fix that!  It is not hard and really you have two options around it.  It is particularly disheartening to me when someone has asked a question about something, I have an answer to share but is it a one way conversation.  Not only that but you miss out the blogger's giveaways, those who chose to do so,  and the ones offered by Mdm. Samm from our lovely sponsor (this round Timeless Treasures. )  

So what have I been up to besides answering email?  More stuff I can't really show you, LOL.  A few ideas for the hexie hop actually. One thing is completed.  Another, I am more or less winging it and designing/working it out as I go---up to a hand work part.  Another, well let's just say, I've been nubbing off corners and now I need to vacuum up the floor in the sewing room.

Also I was making an early birthday present for my friend Norma.  One thing she knows is coming as I previewed the fabrics choices with her.  I cannot tell you what either as I made one for me first---that entry that is done.   I asked what color.  Silly me should have known she would pick Lime Green, to her green is the new neutral.  The item will need to live at her house so I wanted to sure I was on the right track, LOL.  All the main components are completed but I cannot join them till an ordered supply comes in.  I'm in a holding pattern for a few days longer, it would appear.   Then because I ruined her surprise, there is an add-on or two. She will get the item I am designing IF it works out, that is.

Today I spent a goodly amount of time out in the kitchen.  Starting off with  a Southern Peach Cobbler using this recipe, on All Recipes  but halved since I had just 4 fresh Alabama grown peaches on hand and some soft spots to work around.    It was good but I thought at first that I had over browned it.  I believe that was the half brown sugar called for in the recipe.  It made the peaches look darker too.  

Then I had planned on making Fish Tacos with Avocado Sauce and Fresh Salsa  from Taste of Home.  The fish is slightly marinated in lemon juice, garlic and oil.  It looked like rain so I baked the fish instead of grilling it as I often do for this, good with tilapia.  DJ does not like avocados as much as I do but he was using the sauce and even using some of the chunked up avocado!   Just a nicely flavored, different kind of meal.  All that took some time to prepare for chilling and then eating!

Lastly, I have some clean out the freezer type vegetable beef soup in the crockpot.   That means you just dump stuff in but the next thing I knew the crock pot was overly filled.   DJ said "how did that happen?  Don't you measure?"  Yeah if I am baking and the amounts are critical to the success of the dish.  Who needs a recipe for soup, after all these years?    I had to take some out to simmer on the stove instead.  Lots for the freezer, LOL, once completed.  

Tomorrow I'll be back out there again though it will be making something to like sheet cake to take to the guild sew-in on Thursday-Friday.  I thought I would try this Peanut Cola Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting from my recipes.  Sheet cakes bake on a jelly roll pan and usually only need about 20 minutes of baking time.  Maybe I won't get so over heated, or have to spend 2 hours out in the kitchen without benefit of a/c.   He turned it on once it hit the normal 81 in the house and after I was done----grrrrrr.   As it was, I had two fans on, cooked in my pj's and had to wait to shower till after the dishwasher was done running.  Oh the life of the domestic goddess, LOL.

Oh, when I was talking about tree skirts I have to tell you that I will be making a third one.  My niece who will be celebrating/did celebrate her 2nd or is it her 3rd anniversary will be getting one as well.  I did not want Kristine and Andy to be left out when I had made one for her cousin and one for her brother and sister-in-law.  I asked if she needed/wanted one and she will take me up on my offer.  I will doing something similar to Allison's jewel toned one since she liked it best but picking another block.  That sort of look but not a clone using my Patience Corner idea but scaling it down in size---more like 46 inches finished.    Sort of like this-----but ignore the block colors, being lazy there.

The blocks will be on point--24 of them.  The corners will be notched not squared off but that is the only way I can draw it in EQ.   The center is the cutaway for the tree and the slit will go directly out at the halfway point of the quilt horizontally, as the others did.   I can use some of the leftover fabrics from the other two but had to order more backing and background materials. 

BUT first the hexie things MUST be done!!  I mentioned the guild sew-in.  It is a "Christmas in August" theme, make it/take it format or work on your own stuff.  I am signed up for a few things--some things they are providing kits, others I need to pack for.  That and laundry are my plans for tomorrow though I had a pile of towels to do today after the cooking chores.  Skyler loves warm from the dryer towels  <VBG>  He was looking at me so cutely, till I got the camera out.  Then he flopped and started rolling all over it absorbing the warmth.   Lacking any quilty pictures, we'll go with it.

I may be sewing a bit after supper,  getting started on my main hop entry and thinking about what to  pack up for Thursday.  Should be fun!  THX for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Linda,
    now I do follow you too ☺
    I seems as if we have a lot in common,
    I still have to answer a lot of mail but most important I must sew my hexagon project for the next hop, I'm in on day one.....
    Have a nice weekend!


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