Aug 30, 2013

this and that

Dribs and drabs, scraps of life..........

The "less is more" purge continues.  Bedroom is completed, yesterday the bathroom. Skyler loved that because the smell of the bleach in the soft scrub I used on the bath tub produces a catnip like effect on him.  Weird, I know!

Today's plans: both utility rooms, one is the laundry/pantry and the other is storage and the REAL pantry.  I also will dust in the living room..  My throat is getting scratchy and sore so I hope it is only because of the dust I have been raising and not a late summer cold.  (Stuffy, drippy nose but what else is new there, LOL. )

Progress being made and that is good.  DJ said the other day that they must have replaced his wife with someone about 10-15 years younger as this one seemed to have a lot more energy.  I told him that he could go get started on HIS closet.  I had cleared out space elsewhere for some of the items he was storing so get busy!  I believe that he has done a bit, at his own speed, but I have not inspected it.  He knows better than to turn me loose in there as I would be ruthless about tossing and he is more of a pack rat.  Somewhere in between is a more moderate person.

When it came time to fix supper and I had completely run out of steam, I was ready to run out for a sandwich.  I meant to just hit the drive up and bring it home but DJ thought I meant go eat there.  Anyway, he was worn out from his own outdoor tasks and offered to heat a can of soup that we keep on hand for lunches when I am away. Plus he was prepared to try his hand at making grilled cheese sandwiches. The man is no cook!   Just to keep from having to put his shirt and shoes back on and get in the car, he offered.  I did not discourage him but prepped the sandwiches quickly.  I told him which pan, how high the heat should be and left him to flip and stir while I tried to finish up the bathroom cleaning.  He had asked "when will you be ready to eat?" and I said "just fix it and call me to the table like I do you"    Still, that is as close as I will get to having him fix us dinner.  I appreciated the effort though it did surprise me more than you will ever know.


On a quilty front, well that is just not happening this week.  I said I was taking the week off there.  Other than working on the hand work on Pop Stix at the quilt meeting that has been it.  However,  look what came in the mail yesterday.  I had won one of the blog hop giveaways offered during the HO HO HO hop.  This came from Robin at Robin's Fabric Nest.  Among her entries were these cute little fabric baskets of various sizes though this was not one that she showed.  The fabric is a bit different!  Go look, LOL.

 Robin likes to make fabric postcards and also included some of her holiday scraps in the package.  Actually she could not have chosen better fabrics for my basket.  I have that same red poinsettia tone on tone, and love it.  Wish I had more as it is the perfect color of red..  Also I had purchased a Connecting Threads Holiday fabrics charm pack to use in my Christmas Patience Corner.  I recognize that green lining as well as some of the scraps from that fabric line.  I could go pull out the quilt to show you, LOL.   However, they are going to join the the basket below.

 That blue tote is full of Christmas fabric, not ALL the Christmas fabric but most of it.  The basket is set up with holiday scraps or small pieces of appropriately colored lights etc that will work to make some of the scrappy blocks in that Adapted Oxmoor House Christmas sampler that I have been talking about for years.  The filler blocks are foundation pieced ornaments, log cabin blocks, etc.   The larger squares on top are leftovers from the tree skirt project and I DO have one more to make for my niece Kristine and her husband Andy. Let's call this Scrap Basket Jr.   The new scraps will fit right into this basket to be worked in with the future blocks.  Maybe they will be a mug rug or two--or four, LOL.  THX again, Robin!

THIS basket is my real scrap basket.  Scrap Basket Sr.

Hey, I used to have a whole blanket chest basket worth of scraps.  Occasionally I just dump the whole thing and pass it on to a friend.  My left handed quilter friend swapped something with me once for the chance at the basket, LOL. Hey, whatever keeps this from getting to blanket chest sized again!!

And just because I like dreaming about this quilt and wanting to work on it, "someday"  I am going to repost where I am headed with it.  I think.  Always tweaking it when I find a block I want to try instead.

Girl can dream, right??   Beats dusting and "Less is More" purges any day.   I do want to be back to doing what I love next week.  That means doing what I don't love but need to do for a few more days. 


  1. Congratulations on the HO HO HO hop win! That is a cute fabric basket!

    We are definitely going to have to come up with some Christmas projects. I have stocked up on Christmas fabrics again --after I had used most of my collection up on my scrappy bargello and patience corners quilts.

  2. Congratulations on winning the give-away!! And you can dump that scrap basket in my direction ANY TIME - haha - ;))

  3. It's so much fun to win!! Congratulations. You're doing a good job with your 'purge'. I just shuffle my stuff around!

  4. Congrats on the win! Has your guild ever done a scrap swap? I think it is a cool idea to take some of your scraps and swap them with other quilters. Then everyone gets "new scraps" and can really mix it up a bit.


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