Aug 17, 2013


On today's stitching plan trim and assemble that last 5th column of blocks and then join the rows.  I got as far as the first border as well.  Skyler jumped on over from his seat in the window to give it the kitty roll and paw of approval.  Picture taken about 7 or so.

I just got done seaming the binding for three quilts and the little flap of color that goes between the Stack and Whack body and the border which showcases just what this fabric looks like before it was whacked.  I'll press some of that pile tomorrow, LOL.

I do hope to have this project wrapped up by tomorrow afternoon or evening which is actually sooner than I thought/hoped it would be done.  I had to do some unsewing yesterday though.   After I sewed both the 2nd and 3rd columns "upside down" of how I had laid them out hoping for some separation in the rosy pink and the purples of the blocks.  I was also trying to keep the more "packed" blocks away from the ones with lighter predominance.  When I put the first row on "wrong" I thought "it is was it is and it is staying"  The second one??  Nope, can't do it but I took the first row off and reversed it.   I also took out and replaced one block from the middle or row 3.  I know I would have looked at it and wished I had done so every time.

I used a "new to me" tool take the long row loose and it worked great!   I won it in the guild raffle table grab bag last month----and it is that purple thing near the pencil and small scissors.  It has a razor like edge that you use like a scalpel to cut the threads in the spread seam.  Yeah, you have little threads to pick out but I have that even with my Clover ripper.  I asked the gal at guild who told me that it was meant to be ripper where I could find a couple more for backup.  There were no markings on the packaging.  She said that you could get 3 in a package and maybe Walmart.  A little research (good old Google) told me that this thing was most likely an eyebrow shaper!!  LOL who knew??  Obviously not ME but then I was blessed with decent eyebrows, if not long eye lashes.  I looked when I was at Dollar General earlier today---yep, three to a pack and not pricey either.

And here is that silly boy again.  He enters the room and leaves the bed area by way of the quilt rack most of the time.  Strops his paws on the quilts just like one uses a scratching pad.  It would be far easier to enter the room on the floor and then jump up on the blanket chest at the foot of the bed.  A good leap of about a yard onto a narrow board. You have to just shake your head and wonder what he is thinking!

That's it for tonight----just found out that Mamma Mia is on network as DJ was flipping channels in the other room.  I've seen it about 4 times but I'll still watch the end and sing, whistle, hum ABBA songs for days.

And sew it goes------


  1. Seems like you are keeping busy. I enjoyed your post. Too bad you had to do some unsewing. Better to get it right though.

  2. Billie Lauder turned us onto that seam ripper you used, back when I took her class and made my rainbow trip around the world version using her method. fun! glad you took the time to make your top look right to your eye. Beautiful work on those blocks my friend! love the kitty photos


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