Aug 28, 2013

Final Day--Hexie Queen Blog Hop/big plans

Last day----and what a fun hop this has been!  I will be sitting the pin cushion hop out as I have some things that need tending here at home, quilty related and otherwise.  I hope to sign up for the batik one that follows however, once I check what Mdm. Samm has in mind.  I am hoping that it will jump start something, like what happened with the Stack and Whack.

Here is who is hopping today!
Sew We Quilt


Come to think of it, I am not sure that I have ever pieced any hexies together.  BUT I had plans!  Does that count? I even managed to mess up a method for folding a hexagon by using a canning jar lid.  All thumbs!  Because I couldn't get even one made at guild, then I sure didn't have two to join together either.

Yesterday I mentioned a project from way back when that involved hexies.  Okay, way back in 1991 about 10 of my guild pals decided to a charm patch swap.  We could pick our own size and the color changed monthly.  Eventually I wound up with 32 pages of a notebook that looked like this, all different fabrics but of course, in the 90's country color palette.

I cut my 3.5 x 4 rectangles down into 1 1/2 inch finished sized hexagons once I got my swap items using this Ardo windowed template.  They are metal so you can cut around them with the rotary cutter and the window lets you mark the sewing/handstitching line inside.

I love the idea of that whirling hexagons so I think that is why that particular quilt mag cover made it to the notebook.  But I liked this quilt best though I don't know how well you can see it,  Joseph's Coat.  The magazine said the quilt was begun by Betty Harriman in 1956 and finished by Mary Schafer in 1990, made of cotton fabric from 1920-1940.

The thing is, the center is the only part that is a hexagon and it is shown in background color.  The shape is really a very short, fat Dresden Plate but it IS smaller than the hexies.  I suppose they could all be trimmed down should I decide to ever do anything them, LOL.  For right now I guess I am preserving some quilt history.  Yeah, my story and I am sticking to it!

I will probably not be online a bit as I am sort of taking the week off from sewing to do a home reorganization, Less is More Purge ( donate, discard, clean).  You know, I think it is good that people move every once in a while because you are forced to take a more critical look at what you have been accumulating.  We however, have just kept cramming things in here for the past 16 years.  I, more or less, assume the "put something in, get rid of something else" to anything but sewing stuff, LOL.

I have already started in my bedroom on Monday.  You see, DJ had asked me where I planned to put a serger if I got one.  I told him I might have to get rid of one of my  5 sewing machines.  I use 4 of them---a lot---and had just spent half my Christmas spending money getting a walking foot for the 5th.  I don't want to get rid of any of them.   What I really needed to do is make some room in the closets and/or under the sewing table.

I have made some progress as two machines will fit in the bottom of my bedroom closet.  I also cleared the bins that were blocking access to the closet where I store the donation quilts.  The bins are fitting better under the cutting/pressing table which is good.  For the first time in weeks I only have to move the clothes hamper (on wheels) in order to get in there.  I've gone to the donation bin two days in a row and the recycle center.  I still have plenty to do plus dusting, vacuuming etc. while I am it.  Eventually I will hit virtually every room in the house and my part of the shed.  Not exactly my idea of fun but I will feel a whole let better about clutter reduction.  The sewing room, while it needs it, may be passed over as I really do not want to get rid of anything in here:   fabrics, tools, books or machines.  However, the sewing room closet is a disaster area!  I am hoping that will be contagious and my husband will follow my lead with his closet mess.

And sew it goes...........or not, LOL.


  1. It looks like you have a large number of "antique" hexagons ready to be made into a project! You may not be done with hexies after all! LOL

    Whooo hooo on the "Less is More" organization/purge front. It can be surprising what we manage to accumulate over the years.

  2. Love the idea notebook.

    The only notebook I have set up is a dragon cross stitch that I started in three previous lives. I can't part with it, but I haven't done counted cross stitch in years.

    Thanks for the great idea.

    1. You can see how long THAT notebook has been set up, LOL but it still retains some sentimental value to me or I would have perhaps offered to someone in the blog hop.

      I have tons of notebooks for quilting and the older stuff is filed by technique or block type. It is the newer stuff that is hard to lay the hands on. I am guessing that one day that will have to be re-done and reshuffled.

      THX for stopping by and commenting!


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