Aug 22, 2013

Day 3 Hexie Queen Hop/check-in

Thanks to my dear husband and my sweet Bama Belle pals for the birthday spending money, this is what has come to my house.  I picked it up yesterday, site to store at our nearby Walmart.  My lefthanded quilter blogging friend suggested I look into this model---uses regular sewing machine needles and regular spools of thread and had overall, good reviews.

You notice too, that it is still boxed up,  I cannot take it out and to play with it until I finish binding my hexie project, after all, I am on deadline for this piece!  It must be done.  I did NOT finish as I hoped with about half of the top edge one one longer side to go.  Here is part of the reason why I am not done----

In two separate sessions he parks right on the quilt to keep me company.  The green back is loaded with black cat hair, LOL so I may well have to wash this before sharing the top side!  Move him, you say?  He nips at you if you attempt to dislodge him too or rotate the quilt as you move down the line. It is almost better to let him decide when it is time to go.  Those little teeth are sharp.

I did manage to at least read and look at most of the participants yesterday but could not comment, keyboard unavailable though I could get to the mouse.  I'll go back and re-visit, provided he doesn't take up residence and/or I manage to finish up, LOL.  Whichever comes first??  I do want to play and also cut out something to serge up.  I want to make a couple of pillow cases to go with the tree skirts actually so those can be mailed out.

Here is the list of today's featured participants

Thursday, August 22
Negligent Style
Sue Mac Seeds  


  1. Skyler is impeding progress!

    So pillowcases will be the first project for that new serger?

  2. My quilty kitties have been very "helpful" with my hexie project, also. Looking forward to see what Skyler is "working on" ... :) Pat


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