Sep 10, 2013

Day 1 Pin It Blog Hop--schedule

While I am not participating this round, I can still be one heck of a cheerleader for those that are!   I hope that you will do so as well.  In getting the graphic on sew we quilt to write this post, I accidentally spotted one of the top 2 selections----someone today made a kitchen aid mixer, in tangerine!  I say accidentally because I prefer to hop first, and then see who Mdm. Samm picked.   Head cheerleader this round is Kristin of meadowbrook who is first up today.  Bird Brain Designs (oh, one of my favs!) and pbtex are sponsors this round.  See Mdm. Samm or Kristen for details there.  I'll be off to quilt group soon so may need to check in with the hoppers later.

Here is the whole schedule though

September 10 (Tuesday)

September 11(Wednesday)

September 12 (Thursday)

September 13 (Friday)

September 16 (Monday)

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