Sep 8, 2013

serger cover finish

Just finished my attempt to make a serger cover......on the serger.  I still think it looks like a bread box, LOL.

If I were to make another one, I would not use the heavy duty sew in interfacing anywhere but the side pockets.  I also should have figured out how to make some flaring out in the pocket that will hold the foot pedal.  It fits in but could use a tad more room.   Maybe it does not really matter.

I was able to get the back panel placed in much better than I did the front. Even with not quite knowing if I was doing it right I got the pivot and chaining off done correctly.  2nd or front panel, the corners are a bit lumpy, bumpy looking.   Also I should not have cut one half of the top opening shorter as in the end they don't overlap as I had hoped.  They did overlap but I cut it 1 inch shorter----and should not have.  I had put a covered button and button tab to close and open it to access the recessed handle carrying area.  I like the idea but didn't calculate correctly, I guess. 

Then the binding:   SIGH  I put it on with the regular sewing machine with a walking foot but I was using the old Singer and perhaps should have changed the needle position.  My seam was wider than it normally is but thankfully I had cut the binding as I would have done for a quilt at 2 1/4 inch.   I glued the back side up and attempted to sew the binding down by machine.  Let's just say that was a little less than successful, LOL.

The little zip bag, above, is something that I made at guild as a make it-take it but I had been using it in my embroidery bag.  I borrowed it from there for the serger accessories, till I accumulate more "toys" I am thinking or make another with a fabric match.   I have ordered both a piping foot and the elastic tape foot but those won't take up much room, LOL. 

It will work and I probably should not be pointing out my short comings when I am still using how to use this thing.  I plan on making a cover for my friend, the Lefthanded quilter though she has given me the okay to do what ever my heart desires.  See, I know she happens to have the same model I do as she suggested I check it out to begin with.  Red and/0r yellow were her only request.  I rolled the main fabric deal past her since it has to live at her house when done. 

For now I am listening to the last of the Cardinal-Pirate game---looks like my Cards are going to sweep Pittsburgh and retain first place by 1.5 games but I don't want to count my chickens too soon.    The rookie reliever already blew the shut out and 2 runs have been scored by the opposition.  Cincinnati is sneaking up in the standings, no thanks to the Cards dropping three games to them recently.

And sew it goes-----


  1. Kudos on the great Serged Serger machine cover. You have done what I need to do. It looks wonderful. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  2. I think your cover looks great! Good Job.

  3. A job very well done!! Even if there were a few glitches here and there. Better than nothing I always say. ;o)
    Oh gosh I should really try to get one made for my Juki that just sits and collects dust. Thanks for the inspiration. I now have a longer To-Do list. heehee

  4. I LIKE your bread box!! - ;)) And I think that it will look terrific in Red and/or Yellow - heehee - ;))

    I wasn't thinking - I have a plastic cover for Sergio now that I could send to you to cut apart to use for a pattern. Let me know if you want it - ;))


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