Sep 23, 2013

Check in

My weekend was pretty laid back and I basically took the two days off from sewing, planning and all of that although two of my FAB pals were quilting and sewing cheering each other on.  I felt slightly guilty but got over that.  Instead I read, played and cuddled with my cat.  I cheered on the Cardinals, the Bears and Alabama football team.   Did my secretarial job for guild and typed up the meeting minutes.  That sort of thing, LOL.

Best of all, was the visit from my sister and brother-in-law Saturday morning.  They were passing within 35-40 miles of where I live on their way down to Destin, FL for a week's stay.  They had to stop!  DJ and I got to visit a bit and then we went out for lunch starting them back on their way a bit further south.  I'll be seeing her in again when I make the trip back to IL next month so no tears at the "see ya later" time--for a change.

Early this month I had made a serger cover to house the one that I had with my birthday gift money.  A week later I made another, similar to mine, for my Lefthanded quilter blogging friend.
She was instrumental in my getting the model I did, suggesting one that she had researched, the Brother 1034D.  She asked if I had a pattern that I could share.  I only had that graph paper shell that I had worked out really.  Pinterest sites give you a vague idea of how to measure them etc.   I told her if she talked nicely to me I would make her one and what colors did she like.   Red and yellow were her picks. I had that covered if she liked this print from Connecting Threads at all. (Home Front by Jenni Callo.)  Emails were flying back and forth during the creative process.  Yes, pockets would be nice.  At one point I posed a question on Facebook (when I couldn't get in touch with her) about which way the zipper pull should unzip for a left handed person.  Ultimately my thinking it should move right to left was her choice as a couple of internet pals said too.   This will allow access to the recessed carrying handle. but keep the dust out better than my overlapping flaps on mine.

She has nicknamed hers "Sergio" so I appliqued that lettering on it.  I tried to make pleated pockets on the front but it just doesn't show up in either picture but they are there, LOL.  There are side pockets on both sides to house the manual, accessories, whatever and one for the foot pedal.  I also made a small matching zip bag from the yellow, with a blue zipper that I did not take a picture of.  It is all lined with M & M fabric to match her mug---that sassy red M& M seen in this post.   I thought she would get a kick out of it and sent along some scraps if she wants to make a mug rug from the leftovers.  Actually the whole bottom of the box was loaded with scraps for her to play with, LOL.   She has projects to use them and I just want the basket emptied out--fair trade, don't you think?

I mailed it off early last week and her dear hubby picked it up at the post office on Saturday.  I knew I would post a couple of pictures here once I knew she had gotten it.  But really, you should go see her post as she has better ones than I took!

This will be a busy week as I have Bama Belles tomorrow and Wednesday, Jane and I will be off to help set up the Gadsden Quilt Show.  This time it is not up at the Kiwanis Pavilion at Noccalula Falls as in past years but rather downtown at the Pitman Theatre.   I do not plan on going back up for take down however.  So in between times I will work on my ideas for the Wicked Hop. It is evolving, LOL.

And sew it goes-----------


  1. Sergio LOVES his new house - and my M&M mug is really looking forward to getting his new mug rug - THANKS AGAIN!! - ;))

  2. Great job on the serger cover.


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