Sep 15, 2013

Sunday, It's a fun day...........

old radio commercial from Illinois and my salad days---the rest is "at beautiful US 30 drag strip", not that I ever went there but things get stuck in your head.

I was working on the serger cover for my friend the lefthanded quilter when Skyler decided to inspect the inside of mine.  I didn't realize that it had hit the floor and there he was!  That is the only picture I can or want to share right now till I know she has received her package.   The project is finished up, the box packed and I will take it to the post office tomorrow.  I finished up a little too late on Friday to make it in there before the 4 p.m. closing time on Friday.

Yesterday was guild day.  I was home by 1:30 or so but basically just blog hopped.  I was tired and was going to take a break from sewing anyway.   Skyler had an incident during the night and woke me up at about 0445, long before I was ready to get up but there was no going back to sleep after that.  Actually by 0530 I just bailed and powered up the computer and typed up minutes from the last executive board meeting ahead of the guild meeting.  One of the fellow officers had asked about them last week but I was too busy being creative to want to do that stuff at that time.

I had initially thought I might try to do that little purse that I wrote about in my last post-----here is Donna's version again.  It might still be a good idea to do it because Shelia's program was about binding and she had a little trick for doing the binding join that I thought I might try.  It would be too hard for me to explain verbally what she did.

What I ended up doing instead is trying to track down the information she had shared in an online tutorial or video or something so I could post it on the guild website  (I'm one of the co-webmistresses).  There was no handout and I knew that people would probably need something to refer to when they were ready to try what she had suggested.   I found about 6 links that might be helpful.  The one I liked best and that could be printed off as a pdf file was though ti was not exactly what Shelia shared with us.  If you just want the links over to the post, let me know in comments.

I had written two posts in two days there.  I had said I would share the links for the my Mock Trip Around the World that I was finally able to show my mandatory donation quilt for guild.  (I won the 1st time participants door prize by default, LOL)    The girls seemed interested in what sizes to cut the strips and I had mentioned the many ways the basic block could be laid out along with three that I came up with.  The basic site is this

Today was the grocery errands, tomorrow will be other errands and laundry.  I would like to get started on Kristine and Andy's tree skirt soon but maybe that purse thing first as I DO have to bind it before folding it into the shape required.  Kill two new tricks with one stone??  I had pulled some fabrics that I could use for it that were not promised to another project, after all..

The Pin-it Blog Hop starts up again for 3 more days.  I got caught up on days 4 and 5 this afternoon so I'll be ready!   There has been some amazing pin cushions but I think my favorite one yet has to be one from Linda W at Buzzing and Bumbling.  You owe it to yourself to go look!!  Amazing.

And sew it goes----or in my case, with a weekend off, doesn't go.  Think I'll go read a bit.


  1. OOOOOHHHHH - I can hardly wait!!! I haven't told Sergio that he's getting a new house - he would be on pins and needles - and we all know that sergers don't play nice with pins - ;)) THANKS, LINDA!!!

  2. Everyone needs a friend like you!


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