Sep 26, 2013

Meeting day

A few pictures to share from Tuesday's Bama Belles meeting.   We were a little fewer in numbers this past time with a few out of town, another recuperating, another house hunting, another had outside appointments scheduled.  Still, it is always fun to get together with the quilting buds that are able to be with us.  Janet and I closed the place down as I was working on binding on my PopStix quilt and I knew I wouldn't do that at home right now!  Not with blog hop items to make--I'm on deadline!   Janet is perfecting her free motion quilting techniques and had recently taken a class.  She was applying her lessons to one of donation quilts that has been on top of my armoire for too long.  I'm happy that she wanted to use them as her canvas!

When I was pulling pictures from the "re-sized version" monthly folder I think I forgot to post this one that Bev had shared at the last meeting.  One of the groups that she belongs to, the Lick Skillet Quilt Guild based in Oxford (AL),  recently had Debby Kratovil  as a speaker.  I believe that this was the workshop she gave while here, from her book Paper Piecing Perfect Points.   Bev has a finish from that class!

This cutie is one of Bev's own designs that she turned in for donation.  Pretty adorable, huh?

Bev's recently finished fall themed purse.   It is a Lazy Girl Designs---the Margo I think??  Right in time for the season!

The next two are from a pumpkin challenge that the JOY Quilt Guild based in Jacksonville (AL) were doing.  This is Marilyn's version.  I know that there are like 6 or 8 of them at the Gadsden Quilt show when we set up yesterday as I was trying to pin numbers on them!!  LOL   I am not sure of the pattern source but I want to say Bunny Hill Designs maybe??  I don't see it listed on the site however so I may be off base here.  I'll check next meeting.  

As you can see it combined patchwork elements along with embroidery and applique.    The turkey I know was machine appliqued.  I know one of the others in the group planned to do hers by hand.

Julie was working on a kanzashi flower for the bag that she had started last meeting.  I love the fabric she chose for this.  I still have this on my list and Donna was verifying just where I need to do the seaming to form the pockets since I missed that part when the girls were sewing last time.  Bev had one done as well but she had given it to one of her granddaughters.  Trust me, it was cute!

I already told you that I was working on binding.  It is slow going but I did get one of the long sides of the quilt done while I was there.  3 more meetings and maybe we can call that one finished??   I did the sleeve part at an earlier meeting and should have appliqued down the label this time, LOL.   Had it been done then I would have put it on the bed for a summery quilt.

For now, when I swapped out summer for fall on several of the wall hangings I told DJ if he was not going to use the fall colored Strip Twist I had made, I was going to.  He has been having a problem with the covers pulling on his feet and it works out better for him to use what I normally would come fall.  It looks just as pretty on my bed, I think though I should probably ditch the pink dust ruffle in favor of something else, LOL.  Whatever! I used to have a cream colored eyelet one that would be perfect but I don't think that is still around.  Not worth swapping unless I am ready to flip/rotate the mattress along with it and can find a willing husband.

My Boston Commons "World Series" Quilt that my mom made me is what I normally would use come fall. You can catch a glimpse of it here though.

It is great for tweener weather as it is not too heavy and not too light.  Just enough to pull up when the house finally cools down enough and the window is cracked.  You may ask why we call it that??   As you can see, it has a lot of browns and golds in it along with the red for the Cardinals and the blue for the Royals of that long ago World Series opponents. (1985) The media nicknamed it the "Show Me Series" as it was two Missouri teams involved.  Mom may have started working on it though initially for my youngest brother then.  I got to go to Game 4 at Busch Stadium with DJ so I claimed it, LOL.  

Speaking of my Cardinals' their Magic Number to clinch the National League Central stands at 1 right now with three games to go.  What that means, that any combination of the Cards wins or the next teams loses and it is clinched.  I like their chances though you never know what might happen.  Never count your chickens before they are hatched.  The Cubs are the next opponent for the last three games of the regular season.  While they may be mired in last place for yet another year, they always get up for the games with their chief division rival and play the Cards tough.  The Cincinnati Reds are eliminated from winning the division but are still one of the two wild card teams.  The Pirates are three back and the other wild card team but those two have to duke it out for the last three games.  It could go down to the very last day---on Sunday.  I love baseball!  Can you tell?  LOL

I will write another post with the Gadsden Quilt show stuff----but after lunch.  I was lazy last night and we just ordered pizza so I may have to cook two meals today.  Hey, it happens.  My choice at the time.

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