Oct 1, 2013

New Button

You may notice the new button that Mdm. Samm has created in my sidebar but here she is!

As you know I have been participating in these all year.  Not all of them but a good many of them and having a blast doing so.  I'm working on my items for the Wicked Hop now and wondering what the next one is all about---for the boys, HMMMM.

But there will be a special drawing, spending money for 5 different sponsors, coming up in late October.  For the best of explanations how this might work-- please see Mdm. Samm's post here


In the meantime there are still 4 days of the Twist to the 60's left to go.  There are not as many participants this go round but these girls are knocking it out of the park!

THX for stopping by.

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