Oct 4, 2013

this and that

It is not going the way I would like it to go at the moment but this is what has most of my attention today.  Listening to Mike Shannon and John Rooney on KMOX and Gameday Audio but got the TV on MLB with the sound muted.    DJ's grandson and his girlfriend are at the game in the 2nd tier behind home plate and I had hoped they would have a game like yesterday.  Is it greedy to want my team to score 7 runs again???  The Pirate's Alvarez is once and always a Cardinal killer while we are facing a pitcher that we haven't seen before which turns that guy into Cy Young.    GO CARDS, please?!

 I have been steadily working on my Wicked Hop item.  As usual, I can't show you much.  Well maybe this idea, I could.  My project includes some lettering as you can see.  As I was cutting them out and removing the paper from behind the words,   I needed them to stay in place and in order for later fusing to the base.  I had these disposable dialysis trays that one of the Belles had brought for us to use and had lined it with some batting.  I tried a section of Press N Seal as the tacky side of it was enough to hold the motifs in place.  Then I  laid that whole section on the tray placing a sheet of freezer paper of the top of that.  I need the freezer paper for another part of the project so no waste.  Worked great! This is not a tip that I had read anywhere but something I came up with.

That stuff is great but you cannot really un-do it if it sticks to itself.  Once when DJ and I needed to take one of windows in to have the glass replaced,  the window configuration was such that I needed to cover the opening while DJ went to the glass store to have the glass measured and ordered.  You guessed it---Press N Seal to the rescue, not once but twice as we had to repeat the process when the ordered glass came in.   I hope this stuff never goes off the market.

I have switched out machines for what I need to work on today and will do so again when I am ready to button hole applique.  Some hand embroidery will be needed as well.  I am enjoying the process as it is encompassing a lot of the things that I like to do.  I have a feeling I will be doing the hand work when I am gone on my trip to Illinois late next week.  I hope to be done with all the initial prep work in a day or two.

It has been a fairly quiet week otherwise with few errands to go to and no meetings to attend.  Not much to report, in other words.  I am perfectly happy to stay home when I have creative things to do.  And sew it goes---------

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