Oct 6, 2013

sewing machine tension chart

Someone posted this on facebook and I want to be able to find it again.  Think that this might help a bit in the future on my sewing machine AND my serger.

Facebook also cut off the attribution site but Pinterest did not.  It came from Superior Threads and includes a good article that explains things a bit more, comparing thread tension to a "tug of war".  Bet that graphic makes a bit more sense now!

So here you go for future reference:


  1. thank you! I am having constant problems with mine and i have to adjust the tension based on how much thread was on the spool when i created the bobbin. Im guessing it is tighter when there is more thread but i always have to play with it till it works!

  2. I have seen this graphic before and it's a great comparison - but I have always envisioned thread tension as sort of an elevator in a tall building.

    The TOP thread lives on the "roof" and the BOTTOM thread lives in the "basement". They both want to meet for lunch in the middle - on the ground floor - at "street level". If TOP goes to the basement to meet BOTTOM - they need to go UP to "street level". If BOTTOM goes to the roof to meet TOP - they need to go DOWN to "street level". It probably sounds corny - but it works for me - ;))


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