Oct 26, 2013

Getting there!

Hooray for a finish!  Yep, just took the last stitches in my Wicked Blog Hop entry when I sewed on a couple of buttons this morning.  Nope, I cannot show you but my day IS coming up on Wednesday the 30th.  There have been some amazing entries already and you can see the over-view on a Pinterest page that Mdm. Samm has set up for this purpose---- go to http://www.pinterest.com/mdmsamm/wicked-2013-blog-hopwere-back/

I had hoped to get another small craft project done for the hop but a peek at the calendar has convinced me to set that idea aside.  Turns out that this particular Wicked hop is the 3rd annual so I'll save that for next year's participation.  I thought it was a clever idea and something that has been waiting in my pattern library for a while, LOL.  I do have another small project to quilt today and then I'll call it good and try to get some decent pictures for "my day".

While I am working, I will firm up my plans for what follows----

  • For the Boys hop plans---featured day is the 15th.  The button says it goes till the 13th so I believe that Mdm. Samm and our cheerleader Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy  had to add a few more days.  I am fairly sure of what I plan to do.
  • Kristine and Andy's tree skirt so she can have it near Thanksgiving and holiday decorating season.  As far as the design, she liked the one I had made for her cousin Allison best of the two I had previously made shown HERE for the HO HO HO hop.   I will do something similar but use Patience Corner blocks instead.   

 Something like this---I like that notched off corner deal, LOL and the original EQ sketch would not have shown where I was headed with it.
Then there is:
  • Guild paint chip challenge where I have a peachy/orange range of colors but I know exactly what I am doing for that.  The fabric is stacked and waiting for me.  Due on December 14th
  • Belles fabric challenge piece.  HMMMMM .Thus far I have not given that a whole lot of thought and need to.  I had a vague idea of an attic window piece so I can try Cheryl Phillips re-released 3-D folded technique but I don't know if the piece I have will work for that idea.  The top at least needs to be done by Dec. 10th.
Of course there are more items to go---purses, thread catchers but the 4 things above are the most pressing.  I am still considering a quick purse idea as I still want to do that purse Donna showed up back in September that a few of the Belles were whipping up.  Tutorial it if I can remember what she shared on the how-to!  Quick reward project once the hop item is done??

And sew it goes--------------


  1. Hooray for a FINISH! Sounds like you are having a bunch of FUN - except for the deadline part. I stopped doing stuff with deadlines when I retired - too stressful and too much like WORK - ;))

  2. My goodness, it sounds like you are busy!! Can't wait to see your Wicked project!

  3. You do like a challenge, don't you? LOL. I bet you get everything done - already have more than half of it conquered.


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