Jul 8, 2014

a little of this and that

Well, I took two "holiday" days off, Friday and Saturday, more or less.  By Sunday afternoon, I was back at it.  I finally got DJ's closet emptied and vacuumed out.  Then I had to wonder how in the world that his closet rod had not snapped in two.  Mine certainly did and in a New York minute too!!   I have a ton of stuff on the shelf, and always have only now the closet is no longer stuffed with clothing but quilting supplies, completed tops and some large lengths for backings.   DJ got about 5 support bracket/rod deals and a nice metal rod and those puppies are screwed into the studs.  He did not repair his own, my guess is that he was waiting till HIS rod snapped like a twig and he had to do it, LOL.

Now take a look at this jerry rigged thing.  The bracket is NOT flush with the shelf.  The rod support does not support the rod.  Thankfully, I am basically just putting donation quilts up there and two small boxes of mementoes and banking materials.

What supports the rod and the shelf??  Well, the two ends of this 7 foot wooden pole are attached to shelf and I hope are attached in back to the studs.  Then we have this board propping it up vertically.  This end seems fairly secure but the other end is loose at the top but backs up into the linen closet area in some manner.  I put something on the floor near it to brace it for now.  BUT what a stupid way to do assembly work.

I took a break from the cleaning project and did a recon run out to Lowe's closet section.  They have what I would need if I were to try to fix it properly.  That is provided I can find the studs (they are supposed to be 16 inches apart, right?)  OR I learn how to properly do a hollow wall anchor.  Remember, I still have a hole to patch in the living room from my last effort when I lost one in the wall?  Oopsie!  I got the stuff to do it--on the to-do list.

Anyway-----here is what it looked like in there after I finally was able to log in all the on hand donation quilts on the 2014 document.   That was my Monday afternoon job.  I was taking pictures of the ones that I was not sure I had taken.  DJ is not here to reluctantly help me out with the quilt holding job so the first pictures were taken on the back of the shed where I had left some command hooks.  Then I guess with my fiddling with the rod and the extreme heat, one of the hooks fell off to who knows where.  I know I lost some curtain rings in the weeds under the shed as well.  I came in and hung a few hooks on the master bedroom wall that I want to use in some way as a design wall and finished up the job.

 Hooray!  It is going to be far easier to get at these things from here versus the old spot of the coat closet/out of season clothes in my bedroom.  Even better, they are no longer stacked up and sitting in the bedroom.   PLUS the vacuum cleaner finally has a home, like, NOT in the bathroom.

And speaking of bathrooms, I emptied out his bathroom and cleaned the best I could in there too, and then did my own.  DJ had that surgical procedure in early December and really was still on some activity restrictions when he passed away.  What I am getting at, was that he had not been able to keep up the tub/shower cleaning like he normally would.  I did my best but that soap scum, hard water scale is more challenging that my normal go-to cleaning routine.   A friend had made a suggestion of her home grown recipe that I will try---can't hurt, right?   I think part of the thing is he still has a shower door that makes it hard to physically get in there and clean unless you are naked in the shower itself.  My shower unit was broken when we moved in and I took it off preferring a shower curtain.  Easier to get at mine.  The other thing?  He has a low pressure shower nozzle.  I don't think it got enough oomph to rinse as well as it should.  Just a theory but I don't have near the problem with mine.   I know I'll have to get in there again at some point.

Before I called it quits for the day on Sunday, I swept and mopped the kitchen and utility room and vacuumed most of the house.   Wore myself out!   Yesterday in comparison was more the errand and cooking day, LOL.  Other than getting overheated walking the dog and running in and out in the afternoon heat with those quilts it was a much less physically taxing day.

Today was Bama Belles day.   Just 6 of there.  Family situations and member illnesses are keeping a few away right now.  Still, we had a good day though short breaking up around noon.  A couple of the gals share a ride so when one leaves, they all leave.   Donna was working on personal project, a Snuggle Up. Eventually she will have 3 done up but each in a different color grouping.  Valera and I were both working on the Rail blocks from last time and getting started on the top assembly.   I know she had blocks make for one maybe two quilts  (we didn't count up and I left them at the church).   I made the 4 little blocks that I was needing to reach the 70 we needed for WTIL sized quilts and then started making rows.  Here is what mine looked like by the time I packed it up.  7 more rows to go, LOL but I left it at the church as I have some personal sewing to tend in coming weeks.

Lois had two rail tops done---one in the Fiddlesticks setting and one in the more traditional coloration.  That one is actually a fabric challenge type project.  I had three bits of yardage and said pick the one you want to try to use.  She picked the M & M fabric so the rail block colors are the shades of M & M's.  I think both tops are pretty!  Beverly liked the more traditional brighter one better but they each have their own charms, I think.   I still have a stack of blue strips cut from donation fabric so I see more of these in our future, LOL.  Really it is a nice ongoing project which I why I put my up in the closet till next time.  Beverly and Marilyn were helping Lois pin though Marilyn had pulled out a Dresden Plate project and prepping the background fabric for those too.

Here are a couple of other quilts that Beverly shared with us today.  First, a Block of the Month from the JOY group.  A friend hand quilted it for her.

This Pineapple Blossom is one for the kids.  Beverly said that the blue fabrics in it were fabrics that were given to us from our friend Theramae's estate.  We all knew how much Beverly loved blues so many of them were set aside for her.  I am happy to see them live on in this project. Theramae would love it too!  She and Jane's mom Sarah were both in their early 80's when they died and they were two of our most prolific quilters.  We miss both these dear ladies.

Beverly hand embroidered these cute redwork blocks that she said represent the 4 seasons.  She was getting some ideas on how she might quilt it.  I suggested cross hatching through the whole block as it sort of historically accurate for embroidery blocks.   She may be hand quilting it but I told her she probably should mark it before pinning. no matter what design she might choose.  Another quilt to add to the other 21 on the shelf!

What else?  My great niece (to be named Lily) should be here any day now.  AND, it looks like I will be going to Colorado next month for niece's wedding after all.  A gift from my sisters, the flights are arranged after a bit of back and forth via messaging.  Plans are, I will be heading back to Illinois with my sister and BIL who still live in the area for a few days.  That way I will get to see my folks and visit with any available family.    Meet my great niece in person!   Diane still owes me a Schooner burger and onion rings, LOL or a trip to Avanti's, either one is fine.

I see "baby drag along"quilt and Christmas tree skirts being moved up to a more immediate place on the list.  Neither is cut out but I should have all the fabric for both projects on hand.  Now that I have the Singer back I may try to finish up that little see through bag I had started.  Get one thing finished anyway.  I already gave myself permission not to do the guild challenge quilt as it had to be totally done and turned it.  It was not happening.  I'll make the quilt at some point but it will stay here for WTIL.

Well, I need to walk Oscar one more time before he comes in for the evening.  Poor doggie had to wait for me to get back from my meeting, and back from a little lunch out,  before we headed into the park for our laps.  There were a lot more people at the park including two women walking a female dog.  Between her and the squirrel sightings, he was one dog chomping at the bit so to speak.  It was plenty warm and he was really, really panting.  Now the sun should be below the tree line a bit plus we have some cloud cover moving in as our rain chances increase a bit tomorrow.  The yard is beginning to crisp up a bit and I don't think we really have had a decent rainfall in a couple of weeks.

Skyler meanwhile is in his window perch, napping intermittently.  Or he will until I bring the dog in which case, he has to be sure that he is not being left out of anything.  He needs his rest of he can get me up at 5 in the morning, or earlier!

THX for stopping by-----never know what you might find me doing lately, do you?


  1. now haven't you been busy...but look what you accomplished...and a trip planned to boot...well here is to some rain...we have had rain for the last couple days but it was very well received, everything is lush and green...sounds like many are not so lucky...why can't we even it all out lol

  2. I highly suggest baking soda and a scrub brush for the soap scum. Simple but effective with some elbow grease.
    Dryer sheets (odd but true) will help a lot with the shower door. Use them dry and then wash it off. A magic eraser works well too. But with either - more elbow grease.

  3. I'm exhausted and need to lie down after reading all that you've been doing. Busy lady! I have a few places in my house that could use a trip to Lowe's for the proper equipment, too. As for cleaning the shower, Gene sounds like he's in the know. Beautiful quilt pics!


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