Jul 24, 2014

Thursday check in

Time marches on.  It has been a busy week.  When am I not busy lately, huh?  I guess I should be reporting about the days when I just sit like a mugwump on the couch, LOL.

We had a good group at Bama Belles on  Tuesday. A few folk of the regulars were missing, one to vacation and one to illness but others that we don't see quite as often were there.  A few picture to share:

 Valera and Donna will working on the Fiddlesticks tops from the donation fabric.  It looks like we will definitely get two tops out of the deal and I know that there was more blocks left though I have not counted up how many towards another.   When I took the picture she had three rows to go.  Donna was well on her way with the 2nd one but she works 2nd shift so always has to leave around lunch time.   My version stayed essentially bagged up while I worked on strip sets for Baby R's Chevron Quilt though I shared how differently these look with the strip color choices, pulling up Lois' blue strip version for them to see as well.  (see the last meeting post)

Bridget had finished her embroidery roll project like mine using the directions I had written up some time back.  I love her fabric choices!  She was also working on one of those Red Hen Fabrics Thread Catcher though I think that the better instructions are posted on their etsy site, if I remember correctly.

This was her bag exterior.  Bridget was also working on a lovely cross stitch piece but I didn't get a picture of it.

I had errands to fun on the way home from the meeting but while I was there, I got the first 6 strip colors sewn.  The other three I did this morning.  The last strip did not photograph well but it is there, a yellow and blue tattersall plaid.  I am using the tutorial Crazy Mom quilts but as I look at some of the pictures I can't help but wonder what it might look like if you filled in with quarter square triangles instead of trimming it all down at the end.  If I can get a handle on how to draw it up in EQ, I might try seeing if it would work.

I had a few errands to run today around lunch time and came home in a rain shower.  Oscar came in and then Skyler was getting a little aggressive and would not vacate the kitchen or if he did, it was not for long.  Turf war with these two, more on Skyler's part than Oscar's.  It was his house; now he has to share parts of it.  The other night, I was just tired of Skyler's insistence about getting in Oscar's space.  I moved the gate back to the hallway and said "you two work it out".    He took the high road, LOL.

Meanwhile, Oscar first grabbed up Skyler's catnip mouse.  I got that away from him only because he latched onto Mz Mouzie.  It sits on the fire place hearth and Skyler occasionally plays a bit with the tail.   No way does he drag it around like he once did because he never did like my making the tail bigger and thicker when he bit through the last two.

Oscar on the other hand tore into that little hat.  Off it came.  Then he was working on the apron strings that also has the arms.    He was flinging it about or dragging it by the tail.  Poor Mouzie doesn't stand a chance.  I took the apron off and also cut the ribbons away from the ears, not wanting him to swallow it. Once the stuffing starts coming out of the sock, I will have to take it away from him but for now he is having a ball with it.    To date, it has lost its beady nose and Oscar is working on the eyes.

AND of course, like all of his toys or wanna be toys, it ends up in his crate.  I toss it, he chases but it always up back in there.

Lately he has taken to running off with my yard work tennis shoes (or my slippers) if I happen to leave them by the laundry room door.    If you hear any clunking around in the laundry room it is him trying to carry off the shoe.  He was gnawing on the pull tab on tennis shoe but so far only one has made the trip in there.  I thought they outgrew that stuff when they were puppies??

And sew it goes.  No finishes, just barely started is more like it.  Little sewing but I'll take whatever time I can lately if the inclination is there.  Would that I could just do like Samantha on "Bewitched" wiggle my nose like a rabbit and have some of those household jobs one!


  1. I really like your Fiddlesticks quilts! great for a donation project. :) and guess what? at 12, Daisy still likes to gather socks from around the house and move them. She also moves two of Michelle's stuffed animals to her beds. The stuffed animals NOW belong to Daisy but I still put them on the window seat so she can *play* with them! :)

  2. Fiddlesticks looks like a fun quilt to do. I am just like you with a lot of starts and not many finishes.

  3. Sounds like a busy week. I was going to come to Belles, Tuesday, but Jen and Jackson were here visiting. I love the looks of the Fiddlesticks quilt pattern. I need to get that pattern from you. Hopefully, I will get back to making donation quilts again. I miss it.


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