Feb 16, 2015

Rainy days and Mondays

It has been a wet, wet day of it here in NE Central Alabama, raining in varying degrees.  BUT that is sort of a good thing as initially they were saying most of the upper third of the state above the 1-20 corridor had the possibility of sleet-snow-ice etc.  The temps have stayed up in the 40's so far.  Later in the week, Thursday morning I think, we are supposed to be down in the low teens.   My dog is going to be way more than out.

See how Skyler was spending his morning?  He loves clean laundry and thinking he is hiding.

Meanwhile, Oscar basically went back to bed after a walk, potty break, breakfast and going bananas about some perceived invader.  He was barking and snarling at something and it was NOT Skyler.  When I opened the gate to let him out this morning, he would not get away from the floor register.  A mouse or something???  I have not seen any evidence..... and I hope not.  He seems to have forgotten about it now. Mostly these wet days disrupt our walking and his trips outside.

I did my bulk cooking jobs and a couple loads of laundry yesterday. (You might spot the plate of brownies there on the table---mix,  not scratch for that need for chocolate!)  All my errands were run ahead of the possible winter weather so time to sew on my challenge quilt for guild.  I had snuck in the sewing room last week and got the strip set components of the BQ 2 done.  Other than sub-cutting the sections the project had progressed no further.

 I do NOT like sewing in the kitchen but I knew that is the only way I would get anything done today.   Since I finally got my sewing room all set up the way I want it, I want to use it, of course.  Not on rainy days when I need to keep an eye on Oscar.   As of about 30 minutes ago, all 35 of the blocks are assembled.  BQ stands for Big Quilt so the pattern has 18 inch blocks as well as 13.5 inch ones.  I've scaled it down even further so mine will be 8 inch finished.  35 blocks will get a quilt about 40 x 57 which is good.

I think tomorrow's forecast is a repeat of today so I left the machine set up in there and will finish the top.  Good thing I only need to reheat the spaghetti sauce I made yesterday and boil some pasta, right?   It is a bit messy and congested in there but I can still get to the stove, fridge and sink, in a roundabout manner.

I went to the guild meeting on Saturday but Jane and Terri had other plans and Aline could not get away.  It was a pretty day so it was nice to get out of the house for a little while anyway.  Valentine's Day was no biggie around here once we had an anniversary to celebrate instead.  I did look at the Valentine's card he got me last year that I found when I emptied out his dresser, unsigned.  I'm sure he picked it out when he got the anniversary card and flowers.  The message still touches me.

Guess that's about it---just hanging in.

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  1. Hanging in is good. I am glad we didn't get the snow and ice - but the rain was plentiful. More than I wanted for sure. Ha ha.


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