Feb 25, 2015

snow day

 The weather dudes predicted rain switching over to snow.  Oscar and I did one of our lane walkies a little after 11 and it was beginning to rain then but had kind of an icy sound to it.  Not the normal water hitting grass (albeit it dormant) sound.

I walked him around outside around 1 pm but just the periphery of the car port and front walk because it was raining but not snowing yet.

I was doing a bit of sewing in the kitchen and looked up from my work to the window flanking the fireplace to see white---at 2 p.m.  Big fat fluffy flakes of it.  Obviously took the camera out to get some pictures.

 It doesn't really look to be sticking on the lane but my old parking spot (above)  looks a little icy.  The driveway looks clear but kind of pebbled and crunchy underfoot.  It did not take long to cover what passes for a lawn but not enough of it to cover that dratted dry nettle that has taken over the front and side yard, big time.

It has slowed down a bit now but Calhoun County was kind of split as to whether it might be 2-3 inches or 1-2 with the winter weather warnings up till midnight.  I guess we shall see what happens.  I just hope the power stays on and the winds stay down.   I need to go look for my snow shoes as that might be a better choice than my tennis shoes for taking Oscar out.  The back yard is not a good idea as he crawls under the kitchen tip out and gets his paws all red dirt muddy and then tracks into my laminate flooring.

I had been out there pulling weeds from around the nandina bushes but there is a lot more to do.  I hate those spreading out all over pinwheel weeds.  The nettle is popping up a bit in the rocks too.  My fingers were getting a little icy doing it and Oscar was pulling at the leash.  He is always wanting to get behind the holly bushes as that is where the nieghborhood cats head but super muddy back there and they call that needle leaf holly for a reason!

Yesterday was the Belles meeting and we had planned to sew using 2 1/2 inch strips of some sort.   Tuesday we were under travel risks due to the possibility of freezing rain overnight.  The schools postponed the start of their class day by three hours so I had suggested that we meet just a bit later.  Thankfully, the precipitation did not arrive and we could go ahead with sewing and potluck.  There were just 6 of us and we had a good time.  I drug out the Fiddlesticks blocks from last year.  Jane grabbed a pile of the same style that were leftover from stack of fabrics and a top that Donna and Valera had teamed up to make.  Aline was working on strip sets from her stash while Lois, Bev and Teresa were making strip components for another top.  Lois had made one prior to the meeting using a pattern called Ribbon something.  Maybe the time the girls are ready to combine their homework I will get the proper name.

I had 6 rows joined and had completed up to row 9 by the time we packed up about 2:45.  As I said I set up in the kitchen to complete the assembly today.  Since I had used 11 fabrics I didn't use near the strips I had cut.  I probably made another 10 blocks and ended up with 11 rows and only 1 leftover block.  I have also seamed a back for it and sewed the binding strips.  I ended up using the cream colored Mirage yardage that I had sort of cut for the challenge quilt but had to add a bit to the bottom as the top is 42 x 66, a little extra length for an older kid.

Look what Norma sent me on her recent trip to AZ!
Dog fabric that looks like dachshund and a dachsund pattern.  Pretty cool!  The runner pattern she picked up a quilters garage sale type deal for 25 cents and it is from our fav designer Terry Atkinson of Atkinson Designs.  THX again, Norma!

Here's Lily a couple weeks ago all dressed up for Valentine's Day.  Her Nana was taking her up to see her great grandparents and over to see her Mommy at the school where she teaches either 3rd or 4th grade.  I can never remember which one, LOL.  Diane keeps me in pictures, last night's it looked like she had lipstick on but it was beet juice!

Lily was to have an estimated 6 hr surgery tomorrow, revisiting what she just had done in late December this week. After further consultation amongst her various doctors, it has been cancelled in favor of monitoring the remaining tumor near the tail bone and allowing her to heal.  We feel like a prayer has been answered as she and her parents won't have to go through that, not now anyway.

Guess that's it for now.  Stay warm and stay safe---------


  1. Brrr your pictures look cold, I am sure that is what Oscar says too. Wow you have gotten a lot of sewing done lately! Good for you. We probably have 4" but it is on top of the snow that was still here from yesterday, and still snowing, will check in the morning when it is light. Stay warm. And great news about Lily!!!!

  2. Your snow pictures look about what I got in total last night.

  3. Great news for Lily!! And your Fiddlesticks looks good!! I wish that I could trade you some of our beautiful weather for some of your rain/snow/water. We have had drought conditions here for a while now. You would think that if they can build an oil pipeline from Alaska to the Gulf Coast - that they could build a water pipeline from the East Coast to the West Coast - but then again, it's probably just me - ;))


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