Mar 3, 2015

checking in

We are currently in a "warm up to rain" pattern so it is intermittently raining or mistiy rain. mooshy underfoot.  The mail and newspaper people are leaving muddy ruts which can't be helped.  Word is, that late Wednesday-early Thursday the temps are going to drop like a rock and my area is at risk for freezing rain/ice, depending on the temperature at the time.  I guess we'll see.

Meanwhile I need to get my challenge quilt dealt with!  Jane, Aline and I met up on Friday to pin two tops and then went out to lumch at Panera Bread.  We had planned on doing it sometime this week but the sew-in they had planned on going to in Attalla was cancelled due to the weather.  (Etowah County, just north of us got more snow and ice in the last weather event.  Some places up closer to the Tennessee Valley reported 10 to 12 inches so it could have been way worse for us but the kids still missed a day of school and another delayed start on Friday.)  So the pinning was done but I elected NOT to quilt it quite yet as I had the guild newsletter to deal with instead.  I set the forward and side tables up and swapped out machines but that was far as it got.

It was warm enough for Oscar to be out but too wet to remain out there long.  I really don't want to have to clean up red dirt paw prints.  He was cooperating by sleeping a good bit on the couch and had his belly band on so I snuck in the sewing room.  "Do a line, check on the dog,  Repeat."  LOL  The blocks are "locked in" as my friend Joy called it and I did one block just to see about how long it would take--approx. 5-7 minutes.  There are 34 left to do.   I may go back in there after I get Oscar to bed tonight as there is nothing I care to watch on TV tonight.  This must be done by the 14th!  Time's a wastin'

Shown is Oscar and his stuff.  He hauls it all out of his bed each morning.  I don't think he likes these new Milk Bone biscuits as he still has not eaten his "good boy" biscuit.   Food normally does not last long around him!

Skyler wanted in the sewing room in the worst way!  Actually he had come in and immediately was goobering up a dangling string from the quilt backing.  I nipped that action in the bud and then he wanted to park up on the quilting tables and the quilt.  Nope, you are not welcome to stay.  I closed the door and moved his water bowl to the master bedroom.  He hangs out on his perches but has always liked the one in my room best.  Sewing is off limits for the time being, Skyler Lee!

I see we are to change the clocks come Sunday.  I realize that I already messed up which direction they need to be turned too.   DJ would be getting a big kick out of that as he teased me about not keeping it straight just about every year, for years! The kitchen clock battery had died and I replaced it thinking it is only a few more days before I would have to hop on the chair again to chance the clock.  I've moved it back an hour----and it should have gone forward.   It took me whole day to realize that too and it is still "wrong"  We lose an hour of sleep, right?  I wish we would just pick a time and leave the stinkin' clocks there!   GRRRRR  I also changed the battery in the smoke detector after I did the clock so one up there.

Last night's "goof up" was the bulb went out on the night light but it sort of sparked when it did.  I shut the switch off at night so it is not so bright in the hallway and disturb my rest but I had needed something from the medicine cabinet.  That's when it sparked.  OH OH.  I tossed the bulb, replaced it with another and it still didn't work. I went back to sleep.  At 4:30 in the morning it dawns on me that I had probably tripped the circuit breaker as the lights and receptacles in that part of the house were off.  Oscar was whining to go out so I got that dealt with though it means going out off the carport to the utility room.   Thankfully, I went back to sleep though not right a way.

I've got groceries on hand in case we cannot get out due to icing for a few days.   Laundry is caught up but I could stand to vacuum and dust---again.  Thought about doing some baking but talked myself out of that.  Usual stuff.   My sister Janet is flying in from Colorado to see me next month for a few days so that is something to look forward to!

and sew it goes------


  1. HI Linda, I hope this next round of weather is a "non-event" for us just like the snow was. I heard that the latest model moved the line so it doesn't look like we will have any major impacts.
    Time changes always confuse me, but at least I do remember "Spring FORWARD, fall back" ha ha

  2. you have been busy as usual! love that picture of Skyler :) and the quilt is coming along nicely, does it feel good to be sewing again? I know you are looking forward to your sister's visit, good times ahead!

  3. daylight savings hint - spring ahead - fall back

  4. Maybe if it freezes it will kill the weed (I can't remember the name of it) you always are digging up trying to get rid of Lol. Love the quilt.

  5. Cute critters!! Great quilt!! Crappy weather - light bulbs - clock batteries - smoke alarm batteries - changing the clocks - laundry - vacuuming - dusting - YUK!! Baking - not so bad - but sewing and visiting sisters are still the best. Hope you stay safe and warm - ;))

  6. I am in N. West Ga, I think we got 8 or9 inches last week 73 today saying ice tomorrow, don't guess I will get a hair cut tomorrow, just wait and see

  7. Sorry to hear about your yucky weather. We got 8 inches of snow on top of a layer of sleet and very cold temperatures, too, here in WV. The roads couldn't be pretreated because it started as rain. Ugh! I am ready for spring.


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