Mar 19, 2015

this and that

Been a busy couple of days since my last post, mostly dealing with household tasks.  Yesterday, 4 loads of wash including bedding, towels and the usual two loads of clothes.  It is just unusual that it all happened the same day.  Ran the dishwasher--twice actually-- as I decided later in the day to bake some pumpkin muffins and baked oatmeal since the oven was already on.  Today it was errands mostly and some minor food preparation this morning.

In between yesterday's housework I did some sewing,  This was the log cabin block I re-did.  On the left is the scan of the block though the corner got flipped.  I had put the 17 strips in reverse order was I un-sewed it but it still helped to have a visual nd the numbers.  I did not mirror the block when I printed it so it looks different next to the re-pieced now 6 inch finished blocks.  At least I think that is what has happened to it, LOL.   I pieced another log cabin block this afternoon using leftovers from the 4 patches I had cut trying to combine some of the larger squares.  I have one more block to piece, a variable star with a teddy bear center and then five blocks with some minor machine applique to do.  I'll need to swap out machines for that purpose.

Then when I could not get to sleep last night, the idea came to me on how I could handle these 6 inch bits of fabric and/or blocks and still allow for the two odd ones I must include.  Patience Corner but larger blocks than I have done in the past--up to 15 inches.  I could NOT figure out how to it the odd balls in and still maintain the columns of fabric.  This way, I don't have to as it is 18 blocks if I didn't miscount.  I build up the one oddball block to 15 inch squares framing it and put half blocks around it . The grandma piece bumps out to out to 15 x 30 inches.  It will work.  See computer and EQ sketch I was playing around with.   I may slide this up a row higher but the piecing will still be the same.

The sleeping thing?  Or rather not sleeping thing.  Ever since we changed the clocks I have been having problems getting to sleep in the first place.  I am tired when I go to bed and then I just lay there---midnight goes by, 1 a.m. goes by and it is often after 2 a.m. before I go to sleep.    I'm not really worried about anything so I am not sure what the problem is.  Skyler is hogging the bed or bites me when I get too restless and flop the covers around too much.  I made him get out and closed the door but then he just meowed till I let him back in.  One night I went across the hall to the master bed, closed the door and finally went to sleep.  I almost got up last night and sewed, figuring that I might as well use that time if I was going to be awake.  I don't wake up till after 8 so I'm getting 6 hours of sleep or there abouts but still!  This is getting old.  I hope tonight is better as I won't be thinking about this stupid quilt anyway.  I've have a plan and just need to get some fabric for the sashing.  The grandmother sent some muslin scraps mostly but I'm afraid it will not be enough to get the job done or it won't match.
My quilt guild is having a sew-in right now but I have decided to stay home.  Two of the girls are out of town though one will be back late tomorrow and would go if I wanted to go.  Another is having a surgical procedure.  I still need to get my fabric and cut.  I thought my time would be better served, this time anyway, to stay home and get some sewing done.
I see that the NCAA Men's basketball tournament has started so nothing I want to watch on TV tonight.  DJ was really into the March Madness thing, whittling down the brackets, watching the games he was interested in SEC or Big Ten.  I would help him if he missed getting the outcomes of some of the games written down checking on the computer.   Watching the games was his thing though.

Oscar is snoozing on the couch beside me while Skyler is staking out his claim to my bed.  I think I'll read for a bit and try to unwind.  And sew it goes---------

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  1. I am sorry you are still having trouble sleeping. I still have that problems sometimes, not as much as I used to though (thyroid issues). Have you tried chamomile tea or sleepy time tea? No drugs...just herbal tea. Helps a little or works as a placebo.
    (I sleep well every 3rd or 4th day when I am exhausted.) Pleasant dreams.


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