Mar 27, 2015

finished to flimsy

I am finally finished with the 100 Good Wishes quilt top having assembled the top and bottom halves today and applying a small border of the same muslin that I used to frame the handprint and Grandma's embroidered piece as well as make the 15 inch Patience Corner blocks.

I would have to move the command strip hooks to raise the curtain rod I have mounted on the master bedroom wall in order to get this up off the carpet.  Ain't worth it, McGee!   Maybe you will able to see the fabrics a little better in this shot of the lower 3 rows

Here's the upper portion of it though you saw part of this on Tuesday, LOL

And here's the long shot.    Truthfully it is a bit of a hot mess but that's what you get when you have people giving you fabrics and pieced blocks.  I had to interface the backs of some of them as they were not good quality quilters cotton.  There is also too much poly cotton in here to suit me but no choice there.  I did my best to incorporate the handprint and embroidery pieces.   Best thing, it is done to this stage.  Grandma will meet me next week and she'll have to tell me if she wants another border (Good heavens, I hope not!) and pick out the backing.

It measures 63 x 78 now, certainly large enough for a throw for a 10 year old girl.  I left the extra tables set up around my sewing table "just in case".  I think she wants this "birthed" and no batting.  That part is okay but I think the blocks should be locked in at the very least and bind it even if I am the one that has to do it.

Tomorrow I most definitely have to dust and run the vacuum as it is horrid in here.  The temps this weekend are dropping down to the low 30's-high 20's after 50's lately for overnights.  I've had the heat shut off for over a week but that's gonna change, I'm thinking!

Oscar is wanting to go walk.  I am happy to report that he was a good boy and napped while I got the side borders put on.  I told him he could go in the back yard but he hopped in his crate rather than do that.  He goes to the carport door when he wants to walk and thought I wasn't getting the message.  HA!  I cannot stand the whimpering and whining though.  Only one way to stop THAT---get up and walk!


  1. You've done a good job putting it all together.

  2. I know you are glad to be finished, hopefully finished anyway. It looks great, you did a good job of putting all of that together. LOL it sounds like Oscar has you trained :)

  3. Wow! Looks really good Linda!

  4. Yay - a flimsy!! Looks GREAT!! - ;))

  5. you have done an amazing job on this top Linda...what a huge amount of work to have accomplished! I hope you are able to get with Grandma soon and wrap this up!


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