Apr 2, 2015

checking in

A microcosm of what has been happening this week, LOL.

First, Monday I spent some time chatting with customer support at DirecTV to see what we could do to get my bill down as they had just increased the package rate.  I've decided that the HD DVR needed to go even though I love the DVR part. A standard one will be fine if it will knock 20 bucks off the bill.  I had laundry and errands to tend to as well.  It ended up being a fairly busy day.

Tuesday:  they must have overnighted the standard receiver as the doorbell rang and there was FedEx with a box.  DJ would have been proud of me hooking and unhooking this thing though I had the chat person when it was time to activate/deactivate receivers.  That explalins why you are seeing the Genie HD-DVR and the various paraphenalia that needs to go back to DirecTV once they send on the mailing boxes.

Wednesday:  I'm still waiting to hear back from Grandma about the quilt top.  I would like that to be resolved before I get busy on my next obligation for an expectant mama but so far it has not happened.  BUT I got the last article I needed for the guild newsletter late Tuesday.  Finishing up the newsletter, mailing it out and posting it on the website was my first priority.  Then I thought I better get cracking on the taxes.   UGH!  I started with the federal since the state form often asks for info from it.    Most of the backup material was already together or easily tracked down.  Fairly cut and dried till I got to page 2 and Form 8962.  It looked like I was getting a refund which I didn't see how that could be possible as I/we rarely get one.  I decided to let it rest overnight and would re-check my math and verify that I had completed it correctly.  I had already made two small errors on page 1 by not reading correctly and working step by step.   Fresh eyes would not hurt.  DJ always filed for us once we married but had me look at the form to double check it.  I'd ask how he arrived at some number and get out the calculator.

Today, I re-did it and came up with the same answers.  I think I understand how I might be due a refund.   I completed the forms on the computer but snail mailed the forms as I need to write in that DJ is deceased and the date.  Next up, the Alabama ones.  Download the forms, print off a couple work copies. Then print a trial form or two to make sure I can print both sides in  the proper orientation.   Good ole Alabama state form making things needlessly difficult-- I only got about 10 lines down.   I discovered they are getting serious about collecting taxes on out of state orders.  Holy crap!  Fortunately I have been saving receipts and packing slips since February 2014.    Some were missing but I had most of the emails saved and could track things down from the vendor.   It stil took me about 4 hours but part of that time was making myself a spreadsheet to get a total number.  Plus I figured I best do the same thing for 2015, enter the data as I place an order.  Wish I had known this was coming from the statehouse as I would have done it sooner.  I'm done with taxes till tomorrow.

All that stuff spread out on the table is basically the papers I'm pushing  to get the job done, plus the unopened mail.  Sharp eyes might spot the Peeps--Easter IS coming. Will see if they last long enough to try them stale like some of my old aCQB list mates enjoy them.  Doubt it!  There are not enough Cadbury creme eggs (the big ones, not the little ones) in the world to counteract doing taxes.

Obviously there is little going on here creatively, cooking or sewing.  Oscar has been in the house most of the afternoon as it has been raining again.  I didn't check the gauge to see how much but I don't know that it is done for the day.  I know in the last week or so we have had about 4 inch total.  Some had hail and severe thunderstorms Tuesday.  They are expecting storms again tomorrow.  No tornadoes, I hope.

My azalea bushes are close to blooming--well, one of them anyway.  The other still looks winter bronzed.  The dogwoods are in flower and a nearby snowball bush has balls on it but they are green! I also have one bulb like plant open.  I thought at first it was the star gazer lily but it looks mutated.  The rain bent one bloom over and Oscar got the other one, doing what dogs do on vertical surfaces.   (ed. note: I took a picture of them this morning though it is a little washed out.  Know what it is??)  One of the neighbors cut back the eucalyptus trees/bush that Oscar always stops at while we are walking today.  He looked confused!  

It looks like I will soon have neighbors across the lane.  The house has been empty about 6 months but the for sale sign is down and people have been hammering away doing something in there for several days this week.   Then across the main road one of the two houses that we see directly out our backyard has a for sale sign on it.

Guess that's it for now.  Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter Linda, hope the Easter Bunny remembers you.

  2. that bulb flower reminds me of a daffodil..at least the leaves do...pretty whatever it is!
    ugh taxes! good job tackling all that extra state stuff..hurray for spreadsheets!


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