Apr 26, 2015

2 weeks gone by

How did that happen?  Two weeks just whizzed on by while I was busy here at home.  So what's been going on?

I got a bit of sewing done on a project for my niece.  There is a bit more to do this afternoon provided the sun stays out and Oscar can log a couple hours outside.

I am a great auntie again with the arrival of my oldest nephew and his lovely wife's precious little girl.  I do not have their approval to share any pictures and will respect their privacy.  Also not sure what information I can share other than she arrived safely.  My sister has been out to help with the baby this past week so my photo gallery is filling up!

Grandmother called me and we met up for me to deliver the 100 Good Wishes top on the 13th.  She loved what I had done with all those fabrics.  We will meet up sometime later this coming week to get the backing fabric so I can finish it up in some manner.

14th and 15th---House cleaning and grocery shopping to prepare for company.  Well, family really.

My sister Jan who lives in Colorado flew in to the ATL airport on the 16th and back out on the 20th.  Two trips to the Parking Spot 1 and shuttle in to the airport but solo this time for me.  How many times did DJ have to make that trip for me?  Jane and Hugh have filled in too.    We had a great time visiting and catching up though we had a lot of rain.  The threat of worse weather kept us from going up to Mt. Cheeha.  Jan is a hiker, runner, biker and there is a lot of opportunities for that in our area.   She was able to get me a number on how many feet Oscar and I go on our lane lap---0.36 so those 4 or 5 trips DO add up!  3 makes a mile, 5, 1.8?  She is training for a half marathon later this year so ran while I attempted to walk my laps in the park but it was entirely too wet with water standing and even a wide berth met with stepping in puddles.

While Jan was here on Friday, my brother Steve and wife Jan were down from their TN home on their way to a vacation on the coast.  Good to see them as well!  Jan and I had something prepared for lunch but we went out for supper near I-20 as they were staying overnight in Leeds, driving down to the rental propery the next day.  The hostess obliged us in taking a picture though I was being less than photogenic. ( Coughing, talking, etc--she looked right at me when she said she had to take another for a reason, LOL )

I've been down with a cold, bronchitis and/or allergies for two weeks now though I am much better now.   At least I seem to be sleeping a bit better and coughing less.  Finally!  Mostly it had left me achy and low energy for much of last week.  Talking made it worse and I was quite close to losing my voice as it was.  I just hope my friends and family members did not get sick because of me.

The friends met for Terri's birthday luncheon on the 15th at Zoe's on the Lake and again on Saturday the 18th at McAlister's Deli as they wanted to meet my sister.   Not much cooking going on lately, I'm afraid though I spent a chunk of yesterday morning looking at past NancyLand recipe archives.  There is hope!

I discovered that an old favorite that I used to watch on WE is available on Hulu--all 7 or 8 seasons.  Just a fluke search really and I found it-- McLeod's Daughters.  Based in South Australia.  Wikipedia says "McLeod's Daughters is an Australian television series that began airing on the Nine Network on 8 August 2001. This Logie awardwinning drama series follows the lives of half sisters Claire and Tess McLeod as they embark on a mission: to run Drovers Run, a farm that has been in the McLeod family for generations. After being passed down from father to son, Drover's has now reunited Claire and Tess after 20 years. They now have to run a farm while balancing their lives, loves and losses."  Oscar and I have been watching a few epi's in the evenings and I had it on the desktop when I was sewing a few days ago.  As it stopped airing on WE after a major plot point, I am thrilled to find I can see some shows I missed early on and move on past that part if I chose.

Of course, the Kindle app gets a workout, thanks to BookBub and OHFB 0ne hundred free books or deeply discounted ones.   I do mysteries mostly but some other things for variety.  Lately thougb I have been looking at the oldest to newesr of the downloads and some of those were downloaded a year ago.  Still, free is good!

I am dreaming about the next quilt I want to make---using Block Party by Sandy Gervais.  Split Decision, I think but I have figured out how to piece a bit differently than the jelly roll the pattern calls for.  I love this stuff and want to sew something fun once my obligations are done.

In chatting with my friend Norma yesterday it looks like we may be doing a stay at home, long distant retreat as I want to do another blue and white Disappearing 4 patch for the master bedroom.  I say another as I did make one back in July 2011 for a QOV and the guild's project to outfit each bed at the Col. Robert L. Howard Veteran's Home in Pell City.    Well, here it is.

 I really liked this quilt, gave it away and now it would go with the curtain and dust ruffle I made for that bed.   This one honored the service (Air Force) of my dad.  The next one would be in memory of my husband.  I've got the Cheese and Crackers in 30's repros on their now for spring/ summer and it looks okay, fits fine but this is something I want to do.

His birthday would be on Tuesday.   I pray this will be a bit easier to deal with than last year.  I still have figured out how you honor the day and what it meant to you without becoming an emotional mess.    Give in to it and move on the next day?  Still a hole in my heart.

THX for stopping by----Oscar needs to walk and I could use a leg stretch myself.


  1. enjoyed catching up with you! love the photo of you with your family. My the years go by...glad to hear you are feeling better too. take good care of yourself and I will be thinking of you on Tuesday...

  2. My Kindle is also loaded with free books thanks to BookBub. I have been reading a set that I discovered I have most of now. I am sure some of mine are over a year since I downloaded them.
    I, too, love a mystery. But on occasion, I just want something funny.

  3. Time flies when you are having fun...or when you are not feeling well. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. The disappearing 4 patch is nice and homey. The blues are beautiful. Sounds like you had a great time with your visitors!


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