May 1, 2015

Keeping busy

What gorgeous weather we are having!  Some have said this is our Blackberry winter and it has been cooler at night, down in the mid 40's or so.   Highs in the 60's and low 70's and little humidity.  Love it!  The honeysuckle is in bloom and my sinus tracts hate that but boy, does it smell good.

The week has been flying by again and I've been keeping busy.

Monday this is what happened----

Yep, about 11 inches of pony tail have been mailed off to Locks of Love.  This is the 2nd time I have done this in the past 10 years or so.   Grow it out, keep it like that a few years, cut it off and repeat process. I sort of shocked her when I said I wanted it cut off but she likes how it looks.  Her mom loved it but she thinks everyone should have short hair, LOL. Now I am sporting a chin length bob type deal.  Glynda arranged it curly the other day though I do have natural wave/curl that I have fought with my whole life. I dried it smoother last night but am still getting used to short hair again. Mousse and crunch with minimal blow drying works too.  New look to go with my now 50+ lbs of weight loss, non-food reward.

I finished up my niece's project learning how to apply #15 and # 16 snaps.  Kind of gratifying pounding the tar out of something that day.  Then I cleaned out the fuzz, lint etc out of my trusty Singer.  OOH did it need it after sewing with flannel!  No sewing on my fun project I want to do--not yet anyway.

Her package was mailed off on the way back from Bama Belles meeting on Tuesday.  Also gassed up the car and ran by the recycle bins while I was out.  We went out to lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I have some pictures of the turned in quilts to post but will do that in another post--when I need to avoid a pictureless post.

Wednesday was laundry, errands and guild newsletter mostly.  The city is working on the center where we meet and we will not be allowed access till June.  All guild activities are cancelled for May.  They could not book another venue with such short notice.  It meant I had to edit some of the submitted copy and wait for responses in some cases.

Thursday, I met with Grandmother about the 100 Good Wishes quilt.   She no longer drives so I picked her up ar her home about 10 miles north of me though she said I could drive her car.  I am kind of funny about driving someone else's vehicle so did not take her up on it.  We headed off to Wilson's and the south end of Calhoun County for backing for the quilt and then over to the Oxford Exchange for batting.  Rumor had it that they had Hobbs Batting though I had never seen it there myself.  With 40% off coupon, I saved us a bit of coin.   She bought my lunch at Baja California Grill in Jacksonville before I went home.   Oscar went outside after supper long enough for me to seam the backing and cut out the binding strips.

Initially I had not intended to quilt this but looks like I am after all.  Oh well.  She cannot complete the job and I can.  Being paid to get this ready to gift to the granddaughter.   After I threw a small boneless turkey breast in the crockpot, I took off for the meeting place to pin.

Darned thing was about 7 inches too long and wide so I had to jockey it up and down on the table in addition to the normal side to side.   That tedious job is done now.  I'll set up the tables and swap out the sewing machine tomorrow to get started on quilting it.

And sew it goes----


  1. I would say you have been keeping busy.

  2. yes a very appropriate blog title! you are always busy with something. glad you are getting some things finished, that is always a good feeling, now on with your projects, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Yes - you have been busy! The quilt looks good - as does your hair! And congratulations on the 50+ lbs of weight loss - double WOW!! - ;))

  4. That's alot of hair!! You look great with the shorter haircut and I'm sure you'll appreciate it when the weather gets hotter and humid.


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