May 6, 2015

Checking in

Look what came in the mail recently to tempt me!  My friend Pam sent on the leftover batiks from a Connecting Threads kit.  Those kits are really a good deal, cost wise even if you just want the fabrics and do not want to make up what they show especially when marked down!  She had made a table runner but is not so enamored with them.  I like about anything as I am more into color and colors in combination except really dark drab stuff.

Last time she did this it was layer cakes and I made a Billie Lauder "Reflections" throw for the couch.   This time I think they will be teamed with the batik leftovers from a kit Lois had gotten a guild garage sale and had made up into a WTIL sized quilt .  I also have some scraps that Rosa donated to the group when she moved north to Ohio.  For what exactly I don't know yet but I'll figure something out!  Also included were a couple of Kanzashi flower makers that Pam knew I was looking for.  THX so much!

Meanwhile, the sewing room is still looking a bit crowded with extra furniture as I am still working on quilting the 100 Good Wishes quilt.  I've been putting in a hour or two every day since I pinned it this past Friday.  One day it was just the vertical lines, the next the horizontals.  You may recall, that this quilt is essentially a large block Patience Corner bumped up to 15 inches to accomodate two special sections that had to be included in the top.  (Read about my design idea flash HERE.)   Progress is being made without doing in my shoulders and upper back in the process wrestling around the quilt.  I decided that the roller chair is hurting the back of my thighs too much so I'm back to the kitchen chair instead.   I'm swapping out the chair pad though!  Even in the kitchen I don't sit on the car pad but scoot it up against my back as more of a lumbar support.

So, 16 blocks plus two "half" block sections. 70 partial blocks to quilt, now whittled down to 16 if I counted correctly when I closed up shop yesterday afternoon.  Woohoo!  I am in the home stretch and will probably get it knocked out today.  Well, I still need to press this pile of binding but knowing me, that job waits till Friday.  Then I will be hand finishing the binding for several days after that.  I am shooting for a Tuesday the 12th completion date.

Other than quilting there is not a lot going on around here.  The usual household doings, I guess.  Hanging with my "boys" of the critter variety, LOL.

I promised you pictures of the quilts recently turned in to Bama Belles.   I was having a problem getting them uploaded right side up and will have to find my google album to delete the "wrong" ones.  Hard to believe that it is almost time for us to meet again!

The first two are ones the Shawnee brought.  This was a garage sale top I think she said and it is backed with a soft blue flannel.  Sweet quilt.

This was Linda C's challenge top with the little figures being the challenge fabric from a few years back.  I think that was a Michael Miller design.  I know I have some leftovers from my piece so they are apt to be showing up down then line.   Shawnee tied it and finished up the quilt.

This one is Bev's soccer themed quilt.  Cute, huh?

I better get myself into the sewing room while Oscar spends some time outside barking at the neighbors andn howling at sirens.  For that reason alone he should come back in!   It helps too if Skyler is napping in one or the other of his window seats as then he is not continually trying to hop on the quilt or worse, eat the thread.

 And sew it goes----

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