May 11, 2015

seen on the lane

There are some folks that seem to have some pretty roses growing right now but that would not be MY yard where all manner of flowering weed etc seems to be flourishing.  The ground is quite dry and whatever comprises my yard is crunchy underfoot.  A good bit of clover is growing though.   Rain is apparently due in later this evening and tomorrow as well.  We'll see!

The ivy bushes at the end of the lane are quite large---and full of honeysuckle.  Smells good but makes my sinus tracts unhappy.

Still growing fire ant mounds though this one looks a little abandoned.  Get my stick and poke it and they'll surface.  Rain, and the ground gets softer and they dig more.  I read somewhere that these things are 3 foot down and by the time you see them on the surface the hill underground is three times the size of what you are looking.  (I think that's right , trying to remember what I read.)  Some even have multiple queens.  I should have bookmarked the article to link back too.

Buttercups are everywhere too.  These happen to be at the vacant house across the lane.  There have been a lot of workmen in and out just about daily that seem to be drywalling, painting, flooring what have you but NO one has bothered to mow the yard or pick up all the sticks on either side of the fencing.

And here you have the scourge of the South, kudzu.   See those shoots inching out?  They will attach to anything in the way and can grow 10 inches a day.  I need to push them back towards the road, hoe them, cut them or something but it was far too hot out there to want to even think about it.

I don't know what kind of tree this is but it has been shedding leaves like crazy.  The neighbors are considering taking this down and probably a large cedar in front of it as well to put up a car port.  Fine with me.  It is planted on the property line from what DJ told me.  We'll see.

Earlier today when Oscar and I were out walking these things were falling down like it was raining.  Looklike they are some sort of seed pod and pulverize when you step on them.   Oscar was patiently waiting for me but in the shade and a little breeze blowing at that spot in the lane.

They came off this tree--- whatever it is--- at my neighbor's house.   I don't know how well you can see it but I asked Glynda the other day what kind of plant it was that looked like giant asparagus.  Yucca, she said.  That little bed you see to the left of the tree. 

The combo shot---all manner of weeds, tall grass, honeysuckle, kudzu and buttercups.  The county has yet to mow and the grass almost looked like wheat blowing as I looked north up the lane this morning.

And the magnolia tree is blooming too across the lane.

No sewing today.  I had to go for lab tests this morning in preparation for a routine 6 months checkup.  Didn't sleep well and the overslept but for once I did not have to wait for an hour or so to have the blood drawn.  Errands were ran, groceries obtained. The dog walked.  The kitty loved on too.

I drug out my basketweave blanket knitting yesterday afternoon and binged watched "McLeod's Daughters" episodes till "Call the Midwife" came on PBS.  Skyler curled up behind me and Oscar napping on the couch with me nudging me with his back paws as he is known to do.  I had hoped with it being up to 90 and the a/c working hard to keep up that he would scoot away from me a bit, LOL.  Still not sure what I want to work on at Belles tomorrow but I'll figure it out at some point.  Supposed to rain so probably won't drag the sewing machine.

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  1. And it is indeed raining today! I call those seed things that fell out of the trees "wormies" as they kind of look like worms. I don't know what kind of tree they fall out of but they fall in abundance. They are really called "catkins" and many types of trees have them including some oak trees.

  2. It's too bad the kudzu is so invasive as it doesn't look bad but 10" a day, holy cow.

  3. Thank you for sharing all the outdoor pictures. The pollen is horrible here, too. It is nice to see blooming things though. Enjoy that AC!


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