Apr 9, 2015

Thursday check-in

I should be in the sewing room but Oscar is conked out beside me on the couch.  It is in the low 80's again and he was panting by the time we got back from our 2nd walk up and down the lane (there are inclines on both ends)  I'm letting him rest up before I insist he goes outside for an hour or two.

Both Oscar and Skyler are having anniversaries early this month.  Skyler came to live with us when DJ and I picked him up from the Anniston Animal Shelter on April 4, 2008.  I had lost my beloved Pippi several days before but we were getting the laminate flooring put down later in the week so I had to wait till Friday to pick out a new furry friend.  Oscar will have been my dog since April 10, 2014 when Robert asked me if I wanted him.  He was fighting with his yard mates and better me, than the pound.   I'm still more a cat person than a dog person but I'm thankful for them both--even when they don't get along so well.  Skyler usually is the instigator but Oscar doesn't just stand there and take it.  He pushes Skyler out of the way with his head anymore--like a mini bulldozer, LOL.

Happy news on the family front.   I am a great-auntie again when my nephew and his wife had a baby girl last evening.  Mother and baby doing fine.  Also we were informed a few days ago that another niece is now expecting and due in the fall.  My sister Janet from Colorado is coming to see me in a week.  AND my brother and sister-in-law who are traveling south from their Tennessee home on the 18th may be stopping by.  I will be in cleaning mode soon enough.  Today's "mystery" is where do I get the wall touch up paint?  I've got it written down in a file but need to get on the desktop to find it.  DJ always bought flat paint and I like satin better but it needs to match.

Yesterday I drug out the push mower and did the back yard.  Wore myself out doing it too.  All told, I had to pull the cord about 10 times as it died twice when the spark plug wire came off.  I was surprised that my arm and shoulder were not sore as I don't have the arm strength to yank on it, it seems.  I expect Robert to be over in a day or so to do the rest but the backyard could not wait as the weeds/grass/whatever it is was clear up to his belly.  Both the lilac and one azalea bush are open now with the other bush showing some signs of taking over once the 1st one is done.  I tried to mow down the depleted daffodil stalks but it is too close to the fence.  Michael did offer to weed whack if Robert is not going to do it.  Robert's are not working,  ours needs someone by the name of me to wind some line on it but it could be used.

Michael and Joyce are thinking about putting a car port in next door but it might mean taking down a tree in between the houses.  Actually it is planted right on the property line and the matriarch told us how she planted and grew it from a twig.  I've always been afraid it was going to come down on our shed and/or take the electrical wires down---again.  It has happened twice already.

I've got my sewing project cut out and ready to sew but no actual sewing has been done since I finished the 100 Good Wishes quilt.  I've left messages at the grandmother's number  but no call back. I'm wondering if something has happened to her at this point as I told her the top was done.  She was hopeful that this would be her granddaughter's birthday gift later this month.   I had hoped to have that out of here by now.   Once the promised project is completed, I have plans to make a split decision quilt but using charm squares.   Some months back I had figured out a way this could be done rather than using 2 1/2 inch strips or the jelly rolls the pattern calls for.  It worked on the practice blocks but I have some fun fabrics to play with.   After dealing with the taxes and that quilt top, I am well past due for a reward project.

This was the off week for Bama Belles but it always seems like forever ago when the preceding month has 5 Tuesdays.  We meet on the 2nd and 4th ones.  Friendship Quilters is coming up but I don't know if the Calhoun Co. bunch is going yet or not.  Sometimes it is just two of us but rarely does one go alone.  I've got things to do here at home, inside and out,  so I may not.

No pictures, sorry about that but it is a note so y'all don't worry about my well being.  Thanks for stopping by------


  1. You do seem to keep busy. I too should clean, but don't have any company coming. Not sure if that is good or bad. Pets are so nice to have around. Currently with two kitties it is nice Why my son leaves, one kitty will go, as it is his. Charlies is so cool. It will be hard to see him go. It good to hear that all is going well. Happy Day to the puppies.

  2. I am glad to know you are doing well.

  3. Sounds like your weather is beautiful. Glad to hear from you! I can't wait to see your reward project once you get started. I need to do some cleaning, too...Ugh!


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