Feb 18, 2015

Some progress

Bear with me if you have already seen these on facebook.  I took these pictures of the critters yesterday.  Oscar is modeling his belly band but I had to put him up on the master bed as he is a little vertically challenged.  Skyler was NOT happy about this as he treats the bed as HIS including that blue wool throw that Oscar is using.  Actually we could use that here in the living room as I find out just why DJ was always cuddled up with it here in the corner of the living room near the windows and fireplace and losing heat up the vaulted ceiling!

I think he ws trying to figure out if he could jump down.

This is my first quilt on the bed.  It is huge, heavy and silly me didn't think about how blocks SHARE sashing.  He wanted browns and I wanted blue so the quilt is a mix of both.  Hand quilted, quilt as you go.  The red hearts says "Linda Loves Darel" in embroidery.  My mom sewed the section together and quilted the borders for me or this quilt would have NEVER been finished--seven years in the making.

Here is what I had been working on.  Just the top half when I snapped the picture.  The other three rows are now done and waiting for me.  BQ2 by Maple Island Quilts.  The fabric is much brighter than it appears here.   I decided it needs a small border of the background.  The backing needs to be seamed and the binding prepared.  I already cut that stuff out after I finished sewing Tuesday afternoon.

So today being Wednesday and the week between Bama Belles meeting (we meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays) Jane, Aline and I decided to go over to Pell City for small group meeting, dragging our machines and such.  After some FB messaging and phone calls, we decided to meet up and carpool a bit earlier than  usual and go out to Cracker Barrel first.  Good plan!  When we got to the center, no one was there.  HUH?  I had not heard that it was cancelled and I'm the one who usually sends out the emails at the prez requests.  All was not lost though as the quilt shop some 20 miles away was having a 35% off sale on selected fabrics.  I needed some backing fabric unless I wanted to use the light colored background fabric. Jane and Aline found some things they wanted as well.  While there, we ran into 3 gals from Jacksonville, two of them come to Belles.  They went on to lunch but we had a good breakfast.  I was home about noon and Oscar could get sprung from "jail".

It was down in the low 20's overnight but we are heading for single digits tonight.  It is mid 30's now but the wind will tear right through you.  I heard wind chills tomorrow will be like -5 or 0 as the wind is expected to continue.   I am debating about running some errands or setting up the machine and completing my quilt top.    Oscar is curled up next to me on the couch, under the blue wool throw and I hate to make him get back in his crate if I have to leave the house.  He had enough of that this morning---potty, eat, back in his bed 4 1/2 hrs.  I guess I decided to stay here, LOL. 


  1. Brrrr....it is 16 here this morning and I plan to stay in. the howling wind sounded like a siren at one point yesterday. I have had the storm door almost ripped from my hands by it. Yes, staying in and creating sounds like the best plan.

  2. Stay warm, Linda, Oscar and Skyler! Love Oscar's belly band. He is so cute. I'm glad he and Skyler are getting along a little better.

  3. Oscar looks thrilled to be wearing that cute new belly band. Stay warm! (It is 3 degrees, not counting wind chill here in WV) A sew-in day is a fantastic idea.


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